My Extron aint too clever!

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Jul 29, 2002
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Apologies if this is the wrong forum, couldn't decide between this or the hcpc one.

Almost since day 1 I've used an Extron 109plus between the hcpc and my 1208 because I couldn't get a good sync straight into port 4/5. Purely out of curiosity I bodged up a 15pin to 9pin cable the other day so I could try out hcpc straight to port 3 on the pj and it was visibly sharper :)

Unfortunately it still does not sync 100%. If you look closely at a static image it is ever so slightly 'wavy'

With the extron set-up I was using reasonable quality van damme cabling 7m in length. The port 3 set-up utilises a butchered monitor cable with my horrific soldering skills!

Does anyone know of any mods that could be carried out to either pj or radeon card that would enable me to ditch the extron?

Set your H&V syncs to negative and put the 109 out to grass.
Thanks Roland but I am already using Powerstrip to set neg sync.
The slight motion you see will be due to the powersupply getting old and needing an overhaul. but you shouldn't see that from viewing position. To a certain extent all CRT's do it ( especially at 50/60Hz)

Lack of locking to sync is a bit more interesting. Is the picture rolling or do you just loose it altogether?

You could just use the Extron to do the sync processing and feed the RG&B leads to the PJ dirrect.
Thanks again Roland,

I don't get the v.slight motion at all when I use the Extron into port 4/5 though, only get it using direct to port 3 and it appears to be slightly more solid using pos sync! Could live with it though cos your right, I can't see it from the viewing position :)

A direct connection between pc (neg sync) and port 5 takes a little while to sync-up but then appears to be perfect. However once you start a film/play a game etc then the picture 'rolls' every now and then.

Originally posted by Roland @ B4
You could just use the Extron to do the sync processing and feed the RG&B leads to the PJ dirrect.

That sounds very interesting, I presume I would need a cable that went: Radeon15pin to 3 long runs rgb-bnc / 2 short runs from same Radeon15pin to extron 15pin H&V input, then 2 long runs of bnc-bnc to link extron sync back to pj.
I've never seen this method mentioned anywhere before, does it completely remove the extron 'softness'?

What resoloution are you running at?
I would suggest 1280 or 1440 by 720 for a 1208 with not new tubes.

The extron box is causing bandwidth problems on the RGB leads My suggestion is very heath robinson but would save bit. The best method would be to get a decent interface.

The other adjustment you could try very carefully and only if you feel confident, is on the vertical deflection board. Next to the R&B vertical shift pots (blue with brass tops) are two blue pots with white centres. P1 and P2 (these are on the main board not the sub board). With your highest resoloution source plugged in adjust P2 for a non rolling picture. (P1 does the low end frequencies like video)
Cheers Roland,
I'm gonna make up some cables over the coming week and experiment between port 3 & 5 with/without the extron. I'll report back my findings.

I haven't messed with different resolutions yet and am currently running 1024x768 on a 4:3 screen, should go lots higher but I can't see the scanlines from seating position so i'm happy with this for now.

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