My Experience with Sony America. (Global issue)


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While this is related to Sony America the stance of the issue is like to be global.

Here is what I discussed with Carolyn Hayes from the office of the President of Sony America. This is in response to my video relating to the issues experienced with the 2016 XBR-65X930D (65Xd9305) the response I received from her is officially what Sony is stating.

Here are responses to the issues:

Screen Uniformity issues (e.g. excessive clouding, flashlighting, lightbleed and blooming): Are completely normal and in specification for an edgelit LCD display and all LCD’s exhibit these features. I mentioned that Sony pitched at CES that this display was to compete with OLED and her answer was “Sorry it didn’t meet your expectations”.

Bent frame: The bent frame regardless of how bent it is, is normal. It should also have no effect on the viewing experience.

Heavy crosstalk when viewing 3D: The Sony engineers said that the 3D crosstalk is in specification and that Sony has no plans to fix the issue because they do not recognize the issue.

She stated that all the issues I discussed in my video are “In-spec”. I responded with what are the specs, how do I the user know what spec is. Is it subjective or objective? How do I know the engineer reviewing my case is objective analyzing my issue gauging it against a written specification? Can I see a written document that specifies what is in spec for 3D crosstalk, panel bend and backlight uniformity? The answer was there is no written specification that can provided.

The issue with the poor customer service was answered with “We’re sorry” or “I don’t know”. What drove me to initially contact the President of Sony America was the latest response I received from level two support. As level two described to me the 3D crosstalk I was experiencing was completely normal and described in the marketing material on Sony’s E-support site.

Marketing material:

Super-resolution: SONY | eSupport - What is 3D Super Resolution?

Sony’s Solution and only offer was to buy back my display, not address any of the problems it was having. What this tells me is that they don’t care about their customers or anyone who takes issue with a faulty product. The simplest and easiest solution it seems is to divert the customer from the issue or buy their TV back so they are not Sony’s problem anymore.

Sony simply cannot back up any of their responses to the issues I have provided.

So here is my response to anyone who is having issues withthis model or any other model of Sony Television or display.


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