My Entertainment system comes to life :D


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After scanning the forums for a few weeks after finding some nice videos on youtube of home cinemas i got very intrested and decided to try get myself setup :D. To all newbies its not easy my budget jumped from 1000 to 1300 just from extra cables,trunking brackets etc lol.

A final Spec is

Infocus x9
Samsung HT-TZ325R 5.1 surround sound 1000 watt
84" panoview screen
xbox 360 elite
cod WAW :clap:

few things learned from the experience

you cant go from 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack for pc sound without a good sound card you have to use 3.5 to phono cables :D

rgb on the xbox elite is the same as using a hdmi cable for video

digital audio cable for xbox is alot better than phono cables

surround sound and big massive picture is awesome

my screen is 72" not 84" guess my measuring wasnt upto par but it doesnt look terrible on the 84" screen i recommend to all people where possible buy your projector fit it and use a sheet or something if you have something that would mess up the projected picture and measure the screen size projected before buying screen for best results

1 little thing my pc is blurry and very painful on the eyes on just normal windows for films or videos in full screen its fine tho. Possible because i need my hoya filter! they ran out of stock!!!!! to many ppl buying from bristol cameras!!!!

recommendations -

maplin - for a quick and welldone job getting my screen to me without hassle. Also when i went there for cables there staff was very helpful and actually seemed like they knew what they were doing!

lambda-tek - for a quick service and when there was a problem they contacted me and corrected it on the day so i still recieved the projector on the correct day

bristol cameras - out of stock but have kept me updated about my hoya filter

Gripes :

Exceptional-Av - for not letting me know in any form that they had ran out of stock of my surround sound system and not caring at all when i rang them asking them whats happening the staff members only answer was well we have the next model up available.... not caring about a £350 order cancelled

Pcworld - got my sound system from there but they didnt really know much about it should i of expected they did?

Currys - Usless in every respect terrible service terrible staff no sale to them :p


new light
new rack

thank god for blue tak... my poor xbox need a bigger unit
sound system and only pic of my floor standing speakers

sorry about quality



Read my manufactors instructions and nothing should be on top of my sound system!!!! any ideas?


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You come to learn after a time that with these types of stores you end up educating them, very sad.

I remember when I was a ripseed specialist as a youngster I put my heart and soul into the job, and at the time there was very little I didnt know or wasnt able to do to help a customer.

My suggestion, dont buy from them unless you need a toaster or a mouse mat.:suicide:
try and get a screen to fit it will help so much, get some cable tidying :D

lets see some more picturs


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will do mate sorry i forgot to put in my thanks big thanks to cinemachap for helping me out a hell of alot!

ill try sort some more pics out and yeh i got some trunking to do so once thats done ill sort some more pics out any one think i should paint it a darkish colour? i love ox blood red!!!

P.S trading 84" panoview screen pull down only pulled down once! for a 72"
glad to hear you are getting a correct screen, the black borders help immensely with viewing pleasure :thumbsup:

plenty of cable tidying, a good room clearup and some decoration it will be nothing short of stunning. :smashin:

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