My Entertainment Hub (quite Wife friendly)


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Fujitsu P42HTA51ES Plasma
Denon 3803 AVR Receiver
KEF Egg KHT 2005.2 Speakers
Panasonic DMR-E100H HD/DVD Ram Recorder
SkyHD Decoder
Apple Mac Mini (acting as a music server), with Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse
Sony VHS Recorder
Sony PS2
Nintendo Gamecube
Quadraspire QK Cabinet

The Main Room
The room is a rather curious shape with a few corners and alcoves! The TV is mounted in a sort of semi-alcove which is centered along the long-axis of the room. This was the best position given the location of the room's two windows and doors, and my requirement for obtaining a good 5.1 speaker geometry. The area under the stairs is currently home to my DVD/CD library. The rear speakers are mounted on the side walls, just slightly behind the sofa, about 5ft high and angled slightly downwards and across the listening position. The sofa seats three very comfortably, and the slight tilt on the plasma means that there is no neck strain! (I am aware the screen might look "high" from these photos, but it really isn't a problem. The reason for the height is so that I could get all the front speakers lined up at around ear height.)

Since these photos, the wooden floor has been covered in Japanese goza mats. These kill unwanted reflections from the wooden flooring very well.

The Denon 3803 has a great Zone-2 feature. I have used this to pipe audio/video to the kitchen/diner. This contains a Samsung LE26R41BD LCD TV and a Hyundai MHD-201P mini Hi-fi system.





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nice setup


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nice tidy collection there


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Very nice setup mate,but we need bigger pics :thumbsup: .

John 1987

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Like it, I think even my mum would tolerate that, she absolutely hates wires and mess.


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Ahh much better.:thumbsup:

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