My ebay account hacked not sure what to do long term


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Hi all I am sure a few on here have had the same happen to them basically I was on holiday and got an email stating my password and then email address had been changed. I have had a few glitches with ebay of late namely them wanting me to change password or constantly wanting to phone me prior a listing. I could not do a lot while away but contacted them straight away when I got back, someone hijacked my account and was trying to sell multiple iphones they succeeded to some degree prior ebay shutting the listing down. eBay confirmed my account was compromised and they then sorted my account so I can now use it again I was told any bad feedback would not effect me as this was fraud.
I contacted paypal and no suspicious activity but I changed my password just as a precaution. Guys can you advise if I have done the correct thing here as I have asked eBay to suspend my account until this is sorted I am worried whoever did this could strike again making my account even a bigger mess! I have had two cases opened against me which eBay told me to ignore as they would refund them paypal has said since no monies were deposited in my account non would be refunded the transactions do not exist as far as they are concerned. But I believe there is a false paypal account attached to my eBay account what happens with this ? who is supposed to get rid of it from my account ?
Also I have created a new email address specifically for eBay for when its reactivated fully as I do get loads of junkmail with old email address so I want a clean one for ebay any other advice appreciated.

Thanks all


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I am pretty sure I never did that but thanks anyway.

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