My dvdp is broken - any advice



Have had my LG4950 for I think about 2 years, and although i haven't checked yet, am fairly sure its out of warranty.

I plugged it in yesterday, and when i pressed the power button, the standby light flashed between green and completely off, quickly and erratically (it's red for standby, green for on. So it was turning completely on and off, not turning between on and standby). I unplugged it, and now when I plug it in it does nothing at all. :( When I had a look at the back to see if any of the leads were loose, the SCART was. I don't think this was related though.

Any ideas? Maybe some kind of short which has fused something or burnt something out? I don't suppose its worth much now, so I think I am gonna have to open it up and take a look.


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