my DS was charged in the box? was it not new?


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Yeai bought a DS yesterday and it turned on out of the box which i thought was a bit weird. Anyways it was supposed to be brand new, does the ds just come charged? It was the white version *pointless info maybe but who knows lol*



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All of the DSLites that I've bought have come with about 20 mins of usable charge. I think it's part of the final testing before packing them up at the factory (but I may well be wrong). I'd say it was normal and not to worry.


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Agreed, both my original DS and my DS Lite came with some charge in, i just plugged then in to give it a full charge regardless and thought no more of it.

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Residual charge in mine too :). I think a lot of consumer products are like this (I seem to recall my phone being the same).


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I have now had 6 ds lites after some of them being faulty and they have all come partly charged and they were BNIB from Asda so I think they must all come with a bit of charge.

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