My Dreamcast Collection with pics

Pinky Floyd

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I finally got around to cataloging this stuff and taking pics.

I honestly don't think I could sell :(

Anyway, I just wanted to share it:


Dreamcast console
Cha Cha Amigo maracas x2
Official Race Controller
Official Joypads boxed x2
Joyteck Joypad boxed
Official Keyboards x2
Fission Fishing Controller
Official Arcade Stick
Joypad extenders x2
Official Mouse
Boxed VMU
Loose VMU's x2
Blaze VGA converter
Mad Catz rumble pak

Boot stuff:

Blaze Xploder

Demo Discs: (think I have the magazines to go with them too)

Dream On 1-22 (missing 21)
Fur Fighters Demo
Metropolis Street Racer Opel Challenge demo

None of the games below have broken boxes or disc holder tabs. The marks out of 10 are the condition of the games/boxes as a whole.

Import Games (9):

Virtual On Jap 8/10
Sega Rally 2 with spine JAP 9/10
Sega Marine Fishing NTSC 9/10
Samba De Amigo NTSC 9/10
Unreal Tournament NTSC 9/10
Ooga Booga NTSC 9/10
Outtrigger NTSC 9/10
Sega Smash Pack Vol 1 NTSC 9/10
Seaman NTSC small crack in back of jewel case 9/10

PAL Games (72):

Planet Ring 9/10
F55 Ferrari Challenge 9/10
Le Mans 9/10
Virtua Tennis 2 9/10
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike 9/10
Soul Calibur 9/10
Daytona USA 9/10
Crazy Taxi 9/10
Sega Bass Fishing 9/10
Sega Rally 2 9/10
Starlancer 8/10
Virtua Athlete 2k 9/10
Shenmue outer box bit scuffed 7/10, boxes and discs 9/10
Shenmue 2 10/10
Virtua Striker 2 9/10
Tee Off 10/10
Plasma Sword disc lightly scratched 8/10
Speed Devils Online 10/10
Dead or Alive 2 disc lightly scratched 8/10
Bust a Move 4 9/10
Rez 10/10
Rival Schools 2 10/10
Metropolis Street Racer disc lightly scratched 8/10
Worms World Party 9/10
Maken X Factory Sealed 10/10
Sega Worldwide Soccer 9/10
Ready 2 Rumble 2 9/10
Quake III 9/10
Vanishing Point 9/10
Grandia 2 marker over barcode 9/10
Tomb Raider Chronicles 9/10
Toy Racer 10/10
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 disc lightly scratched and manual some loose pages 7/10
Capcom Vs SNK 10/10
4 Wheel Thunder 9/10
Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 9/10
Powerstone 2 10/10
Gigawing 9/10
F1 World GP II 9/10
Space Channel 5 9/10
Hydro Thunder disc lightly scratched 7/10
Sega GT 9/10
Outtrigger 9/10
Confidential Mission 9/10
House of the Dead 2 box set with light gun 7/10
Chu Chu Rocket 9/10
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles disc lightly scratched, marker on barcode 7/10
Crazy Taxi 2 10/10
Nightmare Creatures 2 8/10
Sword of the Berserk 8/10
NBA2K2 10/10
Racing 2 8/10
Phantasy Star Online Ver 2 9/10
Phantasy Star Online 9/10
Powerstone 9/10
Headhunter 8/10
Gunbird 2 9/10
Mr Driller 9/10
V Rally 2 disc lightly scratched 7/10
Sonic Adventure 9/10
Sonic Shuffle 8/10
Skies of Arcadia 9/10
MDK 2 7/10
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis 9/10
Tony Hawks 2 8/10
NFL Blitz 7/10
Jet Set Radio 9/10
Fighting Vipers 2 9/10
Virtua Fighter 3tb 9/10
Bangai-o 9/10
Resident Evil Code Veronica 8/10
Sonic Adventure 2 9/10












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Awesome collection mate and thanks for sharing :)
I still rate Dreamcast as the greatest home console ever..
It put 'proper' arcade games in your living room and had lovely quick loading times ;)


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Seeing all that makes me want to get mine all set up, I forgot about headhunter, loved that game.

I also agree greatest console ever :thumbsup:


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Great collection mate, still own a dreamcast myself, it's a little yellow these days but still works perfectly, still fire up virtua tennis, Ferrari f355, daytona and my all time favourite Shenmue every now and then for nostalgic reasons


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here is a pic of my Dreamcast, it was given to me by a mate who was very high up at Sega and it came in a plastic flight case with 2 clear blue controllers and VMUs to match the console. It's also region free and will play any disc I've tried.
Have loads of games but most are press Pre-retail versions, steering wheel, guns and fishing rod and all were FOC! Was gutted when Sega went tits up!!!


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Must dig out my Dreamcast - under the bed somewhere. Crazy Taxi!


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Still one of my favourite consoles.

When i was in Uni i used to work for Electronics Boutique and had an amazing collection of Dreamcast stuff including alot of promo, demo discs and press items. Rather stupidly sold the lot to fund a boozy weekend.

I've managed to rebuild a fair bit of DC stuff mainly through carboot and charity store finds but im still kicking myself about selling my original collection.


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Picked up a really good condition UK Samba De Amigo from a local independent store for 80 quid. Instantly snapped it up. Managed to get a UK Cannon Spike on eBay for 29.99. It only had the manual but thought it was a fair price.

Your collection is amazing mate. I won't ever get there.


very nice collection, looks well. if you don't need the money and its not taking up space I'd hang onto it
arrange a dreamcast weekend!

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