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my dedicated av room


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well my new av room began last week with me and the brother in law doing the donkey work, knocking down the old lean too, breaking up the concreate floor which the last owner laid about a foot deep around the edge which was swine to get up. DSC00062.jpg

DSC00067.jpg after all the concreate up we started on doing the ground work for the floor and footings a hell of lot of soil came out well the we finished the footings mike the builder who is my brother in law aswell came round to see if everything was ok got the thumbs up. concrete came yesterday for the footings and materials for mike to get started which as done to day.will post more pictures.
the room size will be 5m x 4.5m:clap:


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here's just a few more pictures of the last few days, with mike laying a some bricks today.050.jpg




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Good Luck with the project:)


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thanks lemon sherbert,builders arrived at 8 oclock which is always a good sign :smashin: they will be moving the drains , pipes,and man hole , today or tommrow , i didnt like the idea of a man hole in the middle of the room:eek:will post more pictures soon. off to work today at 11.00 not back till 8.00,:thumbsdow


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Blimey! Talk about starting from the ground up. Keep us updated and try not to get distracted by bright and shiny things - theres muck and graft to do before you can start plugging in HDMI cables! Good luck with the build mate :)
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thanks eltee, as i type been looking at speaker cable for the rears they are going to be wall mounted so from the onk up the wall throuh the roof space and back down the back wall with banna face plates i think, been on flee bay for rolls of speaker cable, i like the idea of the speaker face plates keep things nice and tidy for frnts and rears. the lcd can't make up my mind yet to wall mount it or on a stand. if i wall mount it will still need a stand for the rest of the kit.


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just a quick update builder mike has laid some more bricks today and it,s tacking shape all the pipes on the back wall are going to be moved to the left hand side of the kitchen window .still looking for some speaker cable for the rears for the fronts im going to get some Canare 4S11 4 core from mark grant cables .




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just another update builders finished for the weekend,putting the new drain in place for the move on monday delivery of hardcore ,but looking at the weather snowing here worksop,nottinghamshire can't see much being done on monday:(wait and see . can anybody recomend some good rear speaker wire can't make my mind up .probably need about 25meter.




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just a few more pics and an update concrete has gone down today and all the drainage has been sorted out council man as been and given the ok:D.not a lot more can be done untill the concrete sets ,i noticed the metal strips that hold the bricks were they join the extension to the house sorry don't know what they are called. been looking on the net for speaker cable and trunking going to order soon still not decided on wall mount or stand . my seating postion will be about 4m from tv


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Hi Daz

you`ve picked a great time to start building mate but I suppose you have to start sometime.

The clips are called crocodiles and just vertical wall ties depending where you live.

I`m suprised you started out of the ground with brickwork rather than block, was that a condition?

also are they gonna be dwarf walls or if not are you plastering over the brickwork.

Anyway too many questions mate sorry

keep it up and plenty of pics

cheers Al :smashin:


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thanks albriscoe like you say you have to start some were, no its not a dwarf wall. it will be brick work all the way up,don't know why mike started with brick instead of block work.wish the weather would clear up though,like to say your thread was a fantastic read,1&2:eek:,


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at last the weather as cleared up:clap: today had a delivery of bricks sand & blocks very first thing. then the brikies arrived.first things first tea break have to keep them happy:D must say it's bitterly cold.it's nice to see bricks being layed its gives me some idea of what the space will be like or not:eek:.







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thanks quantas,the weathers not helping realy just itching to get started on the inside never been so excited about speaker cables :D will be posing some more photos later on .


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hi all , ive started ordering speaker cable for the av room im going to be using wall plates for the speakers . im a bit confused about the sub connection how do you connect from the back of the wall plate to the sub, im a bit lost:rotfl:


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hi all a lot has happend since last up date ,weather as cleared up at last:clap:well all the brick works been done and roof is in place with some tiles on , orded 30m of speaker cable,4x banna/spade face plates ,lcd wall mount bracket,mark grant 1080p 2meter hdmi cable.which will be ariving next few days.plus electrician should be here tommrow,im going for some wharfedale dipole speakers on the back wall if anybody as had any experiance with these would like to here your thoughts on them.


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well its been a while since i last updated you good people, lots has changed electric cables are in speaker cables in plus face plates for fronts ive double checked the speaker wire and then checked again dont want any dead speaker wire when all the plaster on :eek: the big doors in just, alls is plaster boarded out now. the door to the right of the white kitchen door is going to be bricked up and the kitchen door being replaced with a wooden door, builders moving into the kitchen tommrow to take out a wall getting ready for the new kitchen:eek:.

oh and had some goodies delivered my wall speakers for the back some warfedale dfs 9s:D and a pair of max value 200mbps home plugs tried them well pleased worked straight out of the box:clap:
heres some pics of the progress.001.jpg







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hi all it been a long time since i updated my thred so here goes ive nearly finished paints on the walls rear speakers are on , new plasma tv came ,got to start saving for a new floor now heres some pictures of the progress so far ive also added a couple of pictures the new kitchen we had at the same time as the extenstion.











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hi jamesk if your still interested it was mullberry burst dulux, at last finaly finished the extension its been a long time. saving up and all that ,rome was'nt built in a day so they say heres some finished photos. anyway hope you like them extension 047 rezie.jpg

extension 049 resize.jpg

extension 046 resize.jpg

realy pleased with the results now just sit back and watch some movies :D


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hi jamesk if your still interested it was mullberry burst dulux, at last finaly finished the extension its been a long time. saving up and all that ,rome was'nt built in a day so they say heres some finished photos. anyway hope you like them View attachment 123925

View attachment 123926

View attachment 123927

realy pleased with the results now just sit back and watch some movies :D

Hi Daz,

The room's looking great, you must be chuffed!

The funny thing is that we'd looked at paints in the meantime and had settled on Mulberry Burst ourselves anyway...great minds eh!? Did you use the Soft Stone they suggest you pair it with?



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hi jamesk190 no we went witha sugar almond i think , yes realy pleased with it took a long time but it's worth it i only put the floor down at the weekend had to put some decking down outside first because the double doors are our out back door with the dog muddy feet all that trying to a void it being scratched.

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