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If anyone remembers my previous post, that was about which speakers I should get to match with my NAD C370.
The overall opinions were the B&W 301 or 302........

I have just been to sevenoaks in Nottingham. They had them both displayed next to each other. At first the 302 look like a large bookshelf, it had the grill of so it looked very nice. I then looked around for the 301, and I was VERY surprised to see it next to the 302, it was TINY! the speaker encloser was less than 1/2 the size of the 302. I was shocked. I have booked an appointment to demo it, but im not sure if I should bring my NAD amplifier with me, would that look abit strange, or that normal?
to be honest I didnt really demo my nad alot, so it will give to test my amp as well.

My main question is; If i like the B&Ws, what CD played would you recommend?? Im not sure what CD player I should Test it with, and also to buy. Would you recommened me buying a NAD cd player too ?

Thanks for any replys

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