My Daughters GCSE Art Entry


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Sep 3, 2006
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Near Basingstoke
Taken on an iPhone to be fair and from a slight angle. Gives me goosebumps and in the flesh as simply astonishing in its detail. The picture is about the size of 4 A3 sheets and is a proper canvas. Remember she is only 16 and is going on to study fine art....

Kate's GCSE Painting 2csc by topgazza, on Flickr

I'm very proud of her talent...self taught as well :thumbsup:
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That's very nice Gazza, she has a talent for sure :smashin:
Impressive - take a better picture of it - not as if you don't have any decent cameras now is it ? :)
I know where you live Jim... sadly :devil:

But its being submitted for marking so I won't see it again for a couple of weeks but when I do I'm sure I can drag out a half decent camera from somewhere :facepalm:
Fantastic picture, really nicely done.

Best of luck to your daughter and her art, always nice to see true talent move forward :smashin:
Thanks peeps...she knows she's very good but is very modest about it all...which is nice
Amazing..I can see a very bright long career ahead for her....Well done..I bet your very proud....
Beyond belief which is why I wanted to share it here. Kate has been doing art since she was 5 years old and loves doing Manga art as well as painting horses and to watch her develop all on her own is remarkable. Regardless of being my daughter its great to see a young person with talent who can put it down, literally, on paper. I feel a long and rewarding and alas expensive for her parents... education ahead of her.
Well feel free to share more of her work here I think I speak for most people on here when I say we would love to see it & how she develops...
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It's not particularly the painting itself that I admire most - good as it is - it's the creative concept - magic :)
Subject was "Emotion" with a number of possible sub options below that. Kate chose "Force" thinking force of will. She was inspired by something she saw a long while ago in a film she thinks.

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