My Dad just ordered SKY HD. £300 box and free install.


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He currently has normal SKY (Not +) but it hasn't worked for the last 6 months or so in that a lot of the channels just say there's no signal being received. I beleive this is due to the STB being one of the ones prone to dying. I think it's a Grundig.

Now I know that he should have either cancelled or reduced his subscription to minimum but he never got round to it as he was having a lot of work done on the house.

He wanted HD but has only just got to the point (Work done, Pioneer issues look to be reasonably under control and Xmas is round the corner) where he was ready to go ahead.

He has been a customer for about 5 years on singleroom SKY world.

I told him that if he rang up and said that he wanted to cancel they should offer him some incentive not to leave. Friends of mine have had some good offers recently.

He says he did this and he says they told him that they are that busy they don't mind if he cancels. I actually don't believe that he threatened to cancel but never mind.

He will now be signed up with HD and normal multiroom. In effect, they are rewarding his loyalty with a free install and free replacement none + box so he can take Multiroom.

The box will still be £299.

This seems a bit poor to me.

What do you guys reckon?



It is a poor deal, one that Sky offered me.

I'm starting to sound like a stuck record, but you or he should really contact the local independant sky installer. They will more than likely do him a deal. I had sky+ for two years, and sky didn't want to know. So I called my local guy and I got the box for £149.99 plus install as I wasn't a new customer. In the end I paid £180 for box and install.
I just asked them if they had any good deals on Sky HD at them moment, as I'd heard there were some about. They came back straight away with the half price box offer. Job done.


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I think your dad has paid well over the odds.

I had HD and multiroom installed last week and paid a total of £150. This included a new HD box and a new style standard Sky box for the multiroom option. Also got the engineer (local indy) to take another feed to another bedroom (extra £20) and purchased another new style Sky box off the well known auction site for £45. So for a total of £215 i got HD, Multiroom and Freesat (using an old SKy card) plus we got the full package 1/2 price for 3 months.

I would tell your Dad to cancel and shop around as i think he is paying way too much.


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