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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by JayList, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. JayList


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    Here it is. I have just built this in the last few weeks as my new pc and HTPC.

    This is going to plug into my on order sagem 56 m via dvi, pioneer amp . and get video from my sky + box. Also going to link into xbox 360 via mce.

    My two prioritys (which are self cancelling) are speed and quietness, I wanted this to play great games,av etc whilst also being quiet and fit into my av stack.

    The case is big, as big as my amp, but it has great airflow and can fit any standard pc component. This also leads it to being quieter as the fans at the back don't have to work as hard. The cpu fan is also super quiet. Same with the psu which has a supersize fan and hence runs slower and quieter.

    the only noise is from the graphics card, I am trying to tweak it to run slower in normal operation. When this is in my hi fi cabinet it should make any noise. Other than that i may add some sound deadening foam later on.

    All components were source for best price/performance. This is also relativley future proof, It can handle dual core AMD's , as well as software switch dual Nvidia 7800s for future upgrade potential.

    MS MediaCentre MEC 2005 OEM

    HIS X800 IceQ II Turbo - graphics adapter - RADEON X800 - 256 MB

    #soundcard – on order
    HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1 Gold PCI Dolby Soundcard (SC-000-HT)

    Silverstone LC14

    Zalman CNPS7000B-CU Super Flower Cooler AMD

    AMD A64 3500 VENICE S939 OEM


    #DVD Writer
    Tosh SDR5372VBB BLACK X16 DVDR

    1 Corsair Tx PRO 1024mb 3200 C2

    1 460W Akasa UQuiet PSU Blk/Fan

    #hard driver
    1 200Gb Seagate SATA HDD 7200/8m

    Microsoft remote control

    Pictures to follow, I spent a fair bit of time speccing this up, so anyones welcome to use my grunt work.
  2. deksawyer


    May 26, 2005
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    Fife, Scotland

    I have a silverstone lc13 case and it's fairly noisy. I replaced the front 92mm fan with an AcoustiFan C-Series but had to run this with the supplied resistor in order to quieten it down. I've only got one of the rear 60mm fans connected as they're fairly whiney.

    I have an Akasa heatsink with a Thermaltake Quiet Cat 92mm fan (80mm mount) and this is controlled by Speedfan to raise/lower the speed as needed, along with my North Bridge fan.

    Be careful with the acoustic foam as it tends to raise the temps and therefore the fan speeds (I know this first hand).

    My next spend will be either an Elan Vital or a Chill-Innovation PSU, as both are regarded as being as close to silent as possible (esp. the Elan Vital).

    I may even mod the case with a fan drawing air in from below........

  3. JayList


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    I can't even hear the noise from the PSU. The only thing I can hear I think is the graphics card fan. The twin rear case fans are pretty quiet. and the Zalman fan can run at any speed as it's eclipsed by the gpu fan.

    I will do some more investigation when I get the time. The case is running very cold having both a front fan and two rear fans.

    thanks for the heads up wrt to acoustic foam. If I can't reduce the GPU noise I might try it.

    All in all it's pretty quiet , and once in the stack should be inaudbile.

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