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Jul 20, 2000
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Southgate, North London
Hi Peeps,

This is my current set up before the room undergoes some changes in the Autumn, hopefully September.

We are having bespoke furniture made, together with other plans for the room.

I hope my posts in the other threads start to make more sense now.



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Cool setup, some nice equipment in there, altho it does look a bit too cluttered imho!
The front of the room is some hwat cluttered, though some of the clutter has since been removed.

However the flat that i live in has a storage problem. It is one of the reasons why we are having units made, we just did not see anyhitng at Ikea et al that would full fill the role(s) wed like and would look good in the room.

The room is about 4.3 metres wide and almost 5 meteres in length and is pretty much square with the exception of the rear left corner whish is cut into the room as part of the balcony.

Here is one of the designs that we are considering.

I also have a HTPC (Under used and not fully optimised :( ); details are

A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard, AMD Athlon XP3000 and 1GB of Crucial DDR400 Memory
1 x Gigabyte GV-N66256DP 6600 256MB Silent pipe AGP Video Card (N-videa graphicd card 6600)
80GB Hard Drive, 250 GB Mirror array
Liteon 16x48 IDE DVD-ROM Drive
Nebula DigiTV Card
Black Gold DigiTV Card MCE
MCE 2005
Pioneer 433MXE Plasma (DVI) and an Acer 8ms Widescreen AL1916W 19" 500: (1440 x 900) Monitor (VGA; set as primary)



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for your information, here are the revised plans that we are looking at.



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The Furniture arrived yesterday, and so did the fitter this morning, promptly at 8 am.

This was the state of the room during the course of the day. Hopefully it should be finished by Friday, and after a good clean up, start to install soem of the gear, though the room needs tobe finsihed first.

There goes another weeks holiday :)



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That looks like it'll be great when it's finished. i look forward to seeing it all complete:D
Looks promising. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.:smashin:

Hope you catered for enough powerpoints though.:D
Looking much better already
God what a long day, especially for the fitter.

But he left, despite technical glitches, completing the job in two days (one being a 12 hour day) rather then the three-four days as suggested by the company.

Here are a couple of pictures to wet your apeitite



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craigizmo2k2 said:
Nice!! Liking that mate ! Looking forward to seeing all the kit filling up the spaces.


Hopefully the only kit youwill see will be the plasma and speakers:)

The CD's will go into the left hand draws, DVD's inthe right hand draws....

Sipping beer and relaxing at the moment, so i hate to thnk how knaackered the fitter was, is :)

A good guy, I'd recomend him any day

But thank you for your vote of condidence
Thats nice and luxurious. Looks fantastic.:thumbsup:
Sorry been decorating lately, but here it is with the plasma mounted.



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That came out lovely.

P.S. do you use your plasma with MCE? Is there any risk of screen burn?
ilkand said:
That came out lovely.

P.S. do you use your plasma with MCE? Is there any risk of screen burn?

I do use my plasma with MCE but only as a second display....

So no screen burn hassles with MCE

I have a 19 ' widescreen tft from which I control it

Looks great, couple of questions;

Where will the speakers be when it's all finished?

What was the purpose of the acoustic cloth on the middle cupboards?
Looks great, couple of questions;

Where will the speakers be when it's all finished?

What was the purpose of the acoustic cloth on the middle cupboards?

The speakers will be at the front down the isdes, hopef ully the picture will show.

The cloth has three purposes..

  • The equipment inside the cupbaord can run hot, so the cloth will aid ventilation.
  • The cloth also allows the remotes to work
  • To break up the cherry finish slightly

The room is taking shape, and almost finsihed the wall papering yesterday, but ran oout of glue..

So will do that today. also ordered the carpet....

Looking better and better...

Thanks for your comments, and keep them coming....

Hopefully today be able to get the rears and sub woofer connected, and back to 5.1 sound :D


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That's some lovely woodwork Adrian! Not sure the silver/grey Pio quite fits in anymore though, a gloss-black Fuji on the other hand.... :D

Love the lighting by the way
Lovely new set-up. :thumbsup:
Great transformation. Looks great, nice one!:thumbsup:
Well Peeps..

The furniture is insalled..

Room decorated

New lights fitted...

Carpet fitted,

Just waiting for the new black out blinds.

Hope you appreciate the pics



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