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Hi people,

Just decided to start this thread to show my efforts over the last few months.
We recently bought a place in Spain and it had an outbuilding that the previous owner had been using as a gym. A gym wasnt on my list of priorities but a home cinema room was so it seemed a good place to start a project.
The building is block & the room is approx 5m long by 3.2m wide. My first plan was to fix battens to the walls & add a plasterboard interior wall for soundproofing, but after a noise check, there didnt seem to be much of a problem with noise outside, nearest neighbour is about 40m from the room so that plan has gone on hold.

Im going to try & post some pics so here goes

it didnt go very well but I did work it out in the end and theyre below....

I had a cinema system before, put it in my sons room when he went to Uni, unfortunately he came back home after his 3 years and so all my gear went in the attic as it was deemed too big for the living room. So I already had a Q Acoustics 1000 5.1 system and a Denon AVR1610 ready to go.
Unfortunately it was ready to go in my attic in the UK, so we had to wait till we were driving over to bring some essential stuff to put in the villa. Not much room left in the Golf after the speakers, sub & amp were on board.

Next on the list was a projector, the BenQ 1070 was in my price range & checked out ok on the throw calculator. Went to richer sounds in Preston to demo it, it looked pretty good in the middle of the screen, couldnt comment on the 2 feet at either end as they were projecting onto the walls & doors at the side as the room wasnt big enough to demo it it :) then it fell off the shelf they had wedged it onto so I called it a day. I rang back later that week to buy one and they said they wouldnt have any in stock for a week, but if I wanted I could buy the demo unit...... er no thanks, picked one up from prestwich instead.

Have to stop now as the bloody internets off and on.
Ill see if these pics load and add more if they have


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attempt no 2

the room
cinema room 2.jpg

helmut icicle

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view inside before work begins... monkey bars on the walls.
Thats my tennis set, like new
Electrical cables running down the wall I want the screen on
cinema inside.jpg

Another view inside, nice glass door & windows.
Look at the lovely smooth walls !
cinema inside 2.jpg

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Paint started. Chose a dark grey with a touch of dark blue/purple in it. Not too dark but we'll see how it goes. Guy in the DIY place kept asking if we were sure we wanted it so dark, couldnt understand him but Im sure thats what he was saying. Probably thinking "stupid english".....cinema b.jpg

I ordered a drop down screen to be delivered, 120" pull down. However as I had used my uk card to order it and my spanish address to deliver it they got all upset and cancelled my order and started emailing me about card fraud.
I was sat in the house wondering how to get a screen when a police car pulled up at the front of the house. Now I was really panicking, as they staring into the house and beeping the horn, so I asked my wife to go & see what they wanted, the coward refused so I had to go out.
Luckily they were only looking for the local council tax dodgers and not credit card fraudsters.....
I decided to put a screen on hold and just project on the wall. Which turned out to give a pretty decent picture.

Had to pop back to UK for a week to see kids and there just happened to be some space film on while I was back. So thought Id remind myself what happened in the previous 6 episodes before we went back cinema sith.jpg

Need to get some heating for winter viewing.

helmut icicle

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Next job was get the projector off the white plastic table & up on the roof. First plan was to put a couple of joists in and hang it from them. Well first plan was to put joists all way across then put a flat roof in. But my budget wont stretch to that. So in the end I used a set of wall mounted bars from when it was a gym and screwed a frame to it. Bit rough but nice and cheap, you can hardly see it when its painted :)
cinema a.jpg

cinema d.jpg

after painting
cinema f.jpg

Then used the test pattern to level things off and mark the wall for painting
cinema c.jpg

All nice and neatish
cinema g.jpg

Not sure of the size but its somewhere around 130". Need to paint the screen as its currently a mix of pale yellow & white filler, got a tin of matt white for the time being.


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Looks very good so far. If you are happy with the painted wall that's great, but I would recommend the Flimex screen material from Jag at Epic Home Cinema. Its AT so if you decide to put the speakers behind the screen they would work. Also a few rugs on the hard floor would help.
Please keep the updates coming.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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