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My Choons keep cutting out, why ?

Discussion in 'Portable Disc & Media Players & Recorders' started by trashbat, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. trashbat


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    at the moment i only have my stock speakers in the car but i do have a new head unit. i realise that the speakers wont take too much volume or they might blow but when i have the volume up loud (not loud enough to do damage but "loud"), the head unit keeps powering off and then clicking on and back off again. i thought this might be because of the battery but it happens even when the car is running. i dont think its the alternator because that has just been fixed. but the battery is as old as the car as far as i know (1996) would a new battery fix the problem ? and if I leave it, would an amp and power cap fix it instead ? maybe the head unit is "blown" ? any input you can put in would be helpful.


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