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My Buttkicker amp has died!

Derek S-H

Distinguished Member

I was watching a DVD recently ("Inception" - it was okay) and everything was fine. Then I noticed a big special effect on the screen but there wasn't the accompanying sofa rumble, checked the amp and the red operation light had gone out.

I didn't have the amp cranked up or anything, just on the standard "Film" setting, and there wasn't a dramatic bang or a puff of smoke, it just stopped.

It's this one:

BKA300-4/NW Amplifier :: Shaker Centre - Bass Shakers and Accessories for Flight Sim, Gaming, Pro Audio and Home Cinema

and it was bought as part of the wireless kit.

I think I have two options:

1. Buy a new replacement.
2. Get it repaired.

I'm hesitant to get another amp of a different make as I understand that the amp and the transducer were kind of designed to work in harmony together. Also, it fits perfectly in the space behind my sofa and I do really like the wireless aspect.

Any suggestions please? Does this amp have a reputation for unreliability or have I just been unlucky?



Just checked out Amazon.com - it seems that a few amps have also died on other owners and they've marked down the product accordingly. I've never had a hi-fi amp die on me ever, and I've owned a few. Is it cost effective to go for a repair or should I just replace?
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Is there a blown internal fuse?
This should be mentioned in the manual.
Don't unscrew anything if it is still under guarantee.

It's under the mains socket.

Derek S-H

Distinguished Member
Awwww, thanks Nimby - you have saved me £185!:thumbsup:

I feel like such a numpty! I'd completely forgotten that the amp has its own internal fuse (do you know why it's there? I thought it was a solid state device?), I checked the fuse in the plug and that was fine so your explanation made perfect sense.

Thankfully, there is a spare fuse attached in the fuse holder so I swopped them over and voila! The red light came back on. I'm not entirely sure why the old one blew as the very thin wire inside still looks intact to the naked eye, but what the hell.

Thanks again.



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Hi Derek

Fortunately you were clever enough to post a link to your amp. In the enlarged rear view the fuse is clearly marked as being in the mains socket.

Your amp may be working harder than you thought. Or the fuse became tired over a period of use. Now you should buy another fuse just in case it blows again.

The plug fuse is it protect the consumer from nasty shocks. The internal fuse is to protect the amp from nasty shocks given it by the consumer. ;)

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