My Bull Lollipop


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Great :smashin:.

Only snag is that I can't that tune (My boy lollipop) out of my head now :eek:.

Well it wasn't in my head until i read that! :D

Great image though, often wondered how cows got themselves through the day, must be boring loitering menacingly in fields all the time!


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Great pic , and its "Millie " who sang it , one hit wonder .

You're showing your age :D. Oh, I see you're slightly younger than me :eek:.

Seriously though, I eventually managed to get that damn tune out of my head by replacing it with "Stairway to Heaven"; having seen the thread again I am now humming "Stairway to Lollipops" in the style of Millie :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the commens folks :smashin: couldn't resist the shot when I was out as is out of the ordinary.

All together now....My boy lollipop da da da da you make me giddyup da da da da.......are you singing at the back Ryart? :rotfl:

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