My budget setup. What next?


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So, I'm still very much a noob to hifi stuff but been enjoying setting up.

I've got my 595a amp (bit different to what I said in last post but for a tenner still a steal) I've now added a cdx 460 and will be ordering 2 wharfdale 10.0 speakers next week.

What would be a recommended next addition? As per last post I'll be using it mainly in the gym and adjoining garage so using the a/b speakers for each room. Attached the dvd player and tv for that side of things.

Is there a way to:
1) Add an app enabled remote so i can control from gym etc.
2) allow connection of laptop for mp3s etc.
3) a cricial piece my setup should have


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The 'crucial' piece should / will take care of items 1 and 2. How comfortable are you with 'computery stuff'?
I won't go into loads of detail, because frankly there are members here better qualified than I am to explain how, but I assume the laptop is connected to your home network since you are posting here! Connect a streamer (Google Chromecast or Raspberry pi for instance) to the amp in the house / garage and control it by an app on your phone connected by wifi in the Gym.

It will play the music you have (MP3s, rips from your existing cd collection or bought as downloads)
or internet streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc. Some would say it could make the cd player redundant very quickly......

Do some reading to explore the possibilities and come back to us if it appeals.

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