my broadband on ntl via set top box is

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That should be a maximum 1MEG service shouldn't it?


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Depends what you are paying for. Its pretty slow by todays broadband standards. Looks like a 512Kbps service, which was average some years ago. With max ADSL, 10Mb cable, LLU etc I'd estimate the average connection speed these days to be about 2Mb (2000 kbps)

lisa burrell

NTL standard Broadband but a while back we had a fly er saying every ones broadband speed was going to be increased free of charge i forget the actual jist of it or what it was really about or how long ago this actually was.

that notice quote is as follows

(• 10Mb to become the standard cable broadband speed for ntl customers

• All ntl Broadband customers eligible for 10Mb upgrade at no extra monthly cost

• Current 3Mb customers will be the first to receive the new service

ntl, the UK's leading provider of consumer broadband services, today announced its strategy for the delivery of next generation cable broadband services. The aim is to make 10Mb its standard broadband access speed. Broadband customers will be able to choose a 10Mb service with a usage allowance to match their requirements.

ntl will also offer a choice of broadband services with unlimited usage.

The new strategy is designed to put ntl into a market-leading position on all key elements of the customer purchase decision for broadband: price, speed and usage.

“Our broadband services will become amongst the most innovative in the world and certainly well ahead of anything else in the UK,” said Simon Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of ntl. “This is a major step towards delivering Britain's digital future.” )

found this NTL notice .

The move will be free to all NTL broadband users, the company said on Monday. NTL plans to roll out the service first to its 3Mbps users this year, but insists that all cable customers will be eligible. The rollout is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2006.

Companies such as Bulldog and UK Online already offer 8Mbps services in some urban locations, and BT announced its own plans to offer 8Mbps broadband across the UK last October.

Other suppliers are promising speeds of up to 24Mps on the latest flavour of ADSL broadband, called ADSL2+, which is due later this year.

NTL hopes that its latest strategy will put it into a market-leading position once again. "Our broadband services will become amongst the most innovative in the world and certainly well ahead of anything else in the UK," said Simon Duffy, NTL's chief executive.

NTL is hoping to establish to 10Mbps as standard for cable broadband products. Its strategy is to offer practically unlimited speed, but to impose extra charges on users who download very large amounts of data.

These 'experienced users' will pay extra for the usage. NTL says it will supply tools to help customers to track their usage. The basic usage allowance will increase broadly in-line with the increase in speed, to 75GB per month. Today, NTL's 3Mbps users have a basic data limit of 30GB per month.

Mark Main, senior analyst at Ovum, believes that rival cable operator Telewest may soon follow NTL's lead.

"Both companies have both been at or near the front in announcing speed increases for consumer broadband. This latest rise is not so much an incremental speed increase over BT's current 2Mbps retail/wholesale offering but rather a response to the 8Mbps speeds from the LLU [local-loop unbundling] players such as Bulldog and UK Online," said Main.

"The new service will give cable broadband users the fastest broadband on offer, and it will put the heat on BT and the loop unbundlers to press on with ADSL2+," Main added.


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Although the upgrade is free if you have to upgrade your service on the NTL website. I think the set top boxes are limited in speed.

Chris Muriel

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The cable modems built into the Samsung boxes are faster (or have a faster capability) compared with the old Pace ones.
In my case they supplied a separate cable modem free of charge - handy becasue if the need arises to reboot either the modem or the Cable STB we don't lose the other service (which was one reason NTL gave me for their generosity).

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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