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My bloody valentine 3d at blockbusters £14.99


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was in blockbusters lunchtime and this weeks blu ray special offer is My Bloody Valentine 3D for £14.99(1 week only), wasn't sure whether its any good or not?


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but is it any good? as i might pop back and purchase it

depends what you class as good:rotfl:

i will be buying it, i saw it at the cinema and loved the 3d effects, but the film is very poor like most teen horrors have been for the last 10 years, but it is wastchable at least, unlike films i have seen recently like shrooms, what a pile of steaming dog poo!:rotfl:


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I must be doing something wrong then, as I find that 3D at home looks crap. Colours look washed out and if you watch the 2D version you can tell where the 3D bits should be.

Really not impressed with all this 3D lark now. Not even a 3D cinema anywhere near me :(

Welsh Whirlwind

Prominent Member
but is it any good? as i might pop back and purchase it

It's a shocking film, up there with some of the worst I've seen. But... the 3D IN THE CINEMA was very, very good wearing polarised glasses. The 'Green and Red' 3D effect you'll get at home is poor, plus it ruins the colour of the film. Really not worth the purchase at this price imo.


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the problem with home 3d is that everyone's set is calibrated differently so your 'red and green' may not match up with the hue on the glasses. If you spend some time playing with your settings you can sometimes adjust enough to get this to work. I managed this on Journey 3D but not on Scar 3D


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I've got this on Region A and it works on my Pal PS3

The 3d looks great on my Regza certainly one of the most convincing 3d unlike friday the 13th 3d

tight UK only get 2 sets of glasses, the USA version gives you four sets :)


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Nothing beats Jaws 3: The Revenge 3D for rubbishness, surely

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