My beloved Marantz CD-10 what to do?


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Marantz CD10 cdplayer -

Had this since 1995 and love it.

It weighs a tonne and it's built like a tank. I certainly has presence.

It cost me £1000 at the time, but according to my audiophile brother-in-law it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as something costing a quarter of that today. He has suggested I should get it modified by somebody he knows in Doncaster.

It's started to be temperamental though. If I open the tray and close it it shows "Disc Error" and nothing happens, but if I press the power button off and back on it works ok. I have had the top off and all the caps look ok, and I suspect it is the power supply that is faulty. I am tempted to try and replace it myself, and have ordered a service manual, but have little experience, so would be grateful for some advice. Should I ...

1. Try and replace the power supply, with the risk of destroying it before buying something else.

2. Take it to be repaired by somebody who knows what they are doing, and if possible get it modified at the same time.

3. Sell it on eBay (sob) and then buy something more up-to-date???


Ben Jammin

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1.) Find a decent (independant if possible) audio retailer near you, go and talk to them in person explaining the situation. Ask them what they think the quality will be like compared to new and ask if they can repair it.

2.) (this is the most important step.) Ask if you can come back with your CD player and set it up in their listening room, along with a CD player they recommened for how much you are willing to spend. Switch between the two with the same songs/amp/speakers. (you could even take in your own amp/speakers if you can be bothered.)

3.) See which you prefer the sound of! Don't listen to anybody but your ears.

If you like the new one, go for your option 3. If you prefer your old, go to your option 2.

p.s. i'm not convinced something costing £250 today will sound as good as your cd player, not at all. £1000 was A LOT back then, and it's not like computers where they keep improving massively every year. You might even have to spend more than £1000 to get the same quality. Maybe. My opinion/guess and all that.
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If it's a CD10 KI it is worth doing something with IMO. If not then you are not going to get a big leap in performance because of the DAC which I think is a 1547 but I stand to be corrected.

The CD10 is still a good player and newer players are only marginally better and only if you pay a similar amount as you paid when new. Buy a budget player and it won't be as good.


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I suspect it is the power supply that is faulty. I am tempted to try and replace it myself, and have ordered a service manual, but have little experience, so would be grateful for some advice.

Sounds more like a laser or logic fault or both to me. Just for the economics (you wont get the same level of build quality without spending a lot more) I would get it professionally repaired and serviced. If you can stretch to upgrading caps/op-amps etc all the better. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the replies. I'm edging towards getting it serviced and asking for mod recommendations up to about £300. What do you think that should buy me? Will it be worth it?


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I did a similar thing with a Marantz CD53 (a 63 without the hdams). I upgraded the op amps to opa264's which were state of the art back then, together with black gate caps (signal path) again defacto in the day. Together with bigger psu caps and fast recovery diodes.

The player was totally transformed, it was already a smooth presentation, but I felt the top end had more sparkle and precision, bass again being better controlled and solid. Overall was a lot more open and insightful. Definitely worth the effort.

The parts used will be roughly the same whoever does it, it will be the labour cost that varies.


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Some food for thought, although you can put these all singing all dancing parts inside it you cannot buy the lasers anymore, have a think about wether its worth paying the inital look over fee or if it would be better put towards a new player.


Derek S-H

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Hi u4coffee

I don't want to chuck a spanner in the works, but these are my two replies in the "Audiolab 8200CD/CDQ/DQ" Thread:

"Don't want to annoy anyone here, but got my Silver 8200CD today - it would've been last week but for a combination of the snow and being sent to the wrong address!

I can't reveal where I got it from as I have an industry contact who got it for me at a discount. But what I can say is that I am hugely impressed that something that is under £1000 can sound so composed and detailed.

I must say that the filters option seems a bit unnecessary at this early stage. To my untutored ears, three of the settings sound pretty much identical and only one really leaps out at you - the Optimal Spectrum, which is definitely more forward in the midrange.

Bass is strong across the board and I am really impressed with the sweetness and presence of the treble. The remote is also pleasingly chunky and solid.

If anyone manages to find a way to access the display brightness settings, can they post this up please? According to the manual, you press and hold the "Display" button on the remote, but that just turns the display off!

The Audiolab replaced an ageing (and now dead) Marantz CD10. It easily outperforms it (especially in the treble) and slots in perfectly with my Arcam/PMC setup.

Highly recommended and hopefully you won't have to wait much longer!"



My amplification is 1x Arcam A32 and 2x Arcam P35 in a tri-amped configuration feeding a pair of PMC OB1i's.

I owned my Marantz CD10 for six years (!) and only changed it because the laser tracking mechanism stopped working, it seemed more cost effective to buy a new CD player than get it repaired.

Apart from the amplification, I prefer to keep things as simple as possible regarding my hi-fi; so there's no external DAC, phono stage or headphone amplifier for me to fiddle with - no extra boxes!

I am probably missing out when it comes to pure sound quality, but for me, you balance that out with simple convenience and the law of diminishing returns.

I haven't listened to any other CD players or DACs for over six years, so I don't really have a point of comparison other than the Marantz, sorry.

As for the soundstage, it didn't seem any wider but it was definitely deeper back to front, but then I only had a play around with it for about 30 minutes last night. What I will say is there seemed to be a confidence, an assurance, a calmness to the sound that I didn't expect. It's not the sort of player that attracts attention to itself, it's not brash and in-your-face, which is why I think some reviews have been so positive as those sorts of qualities mainly seem to be the preserve of much more expensive machinery.

I'll post any more observations as I use it this week."

You describe your CD10 as "beloved" - I think if we build a strong relationship with something and are happy with what it does, then it is worth investing time and money to keep alive.

Personally, I feel the Audiolab outperforms the Marantz but it is a very different sounding player and may not be one best suited to the rest of your system, it is all about synergy and system matching, after all.

I don't regret my decision - the drive pulley failed the year before and that cost me £80 to repair - it was starting to feel like an old car that performs beautifully when on song, but was increasingly starting to become more unreliable and less trustworthy.

My new CD player just works perfectly when I switch it on, sounds fantastic for the money and pulls out detail I never got from my standard Marantz.

Hope I haven't made things worse!

Good luck
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Ben Jammin

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By all accounts thats a great CD player and might be worth a listen. It's got a decent amount of inputs to act as a DAC as well doesn't it? It's certainly not a quarter of £1000 though!

£800 or something? A bargain by the sounds of it.


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OP, I don't think I would take it anywhere apart from the Marantz distributor in the UK or one of their appointed agents/dealers.

Sounds like the drawer problem is maybe a sensor that tells the electronics when the drawer is closed may be on the way out.

Derek S-H

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By all accounts thats a great CD player and might be worth a listen. It's got a decent amount of inputs to act as a DAC as well doesn't it? It's certainly not a quarter of £1000 though!

£800 or something? A bargain by the sounds of it.

It's £700 RRP, Ben.

Honestly, if Audiolab charged double that price, no one would complain - it's that good and a giveaway at the price.



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Okay, just got this back from repair and it seems the problem was the belt and a simple/cheap fix. Although the belt is not available now, a compromise was made using two belts from another model.

Anyway, also had the master clock upgraded to a premium low-jitter one at the same time for £200 and the sound improvement is very noticeable and I'm very chuffed.

Brother-in-law has this same model as a spare, which he got quite cheap off eBay a few years ago, so he dug it out to compare. Low and behold it is now exhibiting the exact same loading problem that mine was, so I guess the belt must have a limited lifetime. But I have just got them both working through my amp/speakers and the clarity of the sound through the 'clocked' CD-10 is incredible.

I never realised that changing the clock in a CD player could make such a difference.



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are you willing to say where you got the master clock done? My CD10 is in for repair for exactly the same thing and I am very relieved to hear of your happy outcome.

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