My bedroom setup


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Hi everyone,

Im new to this forum, so thort id post up a picture of my setup.

i only got the speakers yeterday so iv not fully used them yet, but so far they are ok.

IMG_0705 by RikkiKeene1, on Flickr

Any tips and comments welcome. as i would like to get it all setup so its performing to its full.


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haha i know. i need to get some cable ties and some of that tube tidy stuff.

I want to get some sound proofing sorted, but i want to make it myself. is that possible?

Also, what do you think. tv on the desk or mount the tv on the wall? just slightly higher than the desk.


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very nice and tidy little setup you have there. What are the speakers? a 3.1 system or are there surrounds as well?

I dont think id like to sit so close to a large screen though lol As for the cables, take a spin down to a B&Q they do a lot of cable trunking, some even with sticky backs, you could attach them to the back of the desk and run them away out of sight. As for the sub, with it being small you should try to locate it as close to a corner as you can, as this tends to boost its abilities!

Oh and welcome to the forums!


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hi, the system is a logitec x-540. its a 5.1 system. i will try and re locate the sub a few feet to the right so that it will be right in the corner.
I did some reading on the forum last night about acoustics. I read about using a mirror method to setup reflection points, or something along the lines, so that i could place acoustic panels in the area to help audio playback within the room. How do i go about using this mirror method?



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haha, yer :p

i will try and extend the cable to get the rear left in the same place as the rear right.

Iv noticed the bass is very deap near my door, when the door is closed. so i take it i need to shift this sound (somehow) so that its better where i sit.

i do intend on getting a "proper" system next year. As i wont be able to buy it all in one go i intend on getting an amp first. using my existing speakers and then upgrading them aswell.

Ill have a go at trying to get the sound sorted as best as i can, by moving speakers around.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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