My Bedroom AV setup


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Hi Everyone, I have read this forum for a long time but I have never posted before, I am often in total awe of all you guys amazing setups! So I thought it was about time that I posted my 'work in progress' setup to hopefully get your opinions. :thumbsup:

Many people think I'm crazy for what I spend on mines, so I feel vidicated when I am on this site and see that I am not alone! :clap:

OK, so here are some photo's of my Main system, as the title says it is in a fairly small bedroom which sometimes dictates what components I go for, for example I was urged to get a bigger sub-woofer but as the one I have rattles the windows in there frames at only 2.5 then it's just not worth me getting an awesome better one for now :facepalm:

Main Setup:
Amp: Arcam AV9 Processor & Arcam P7 Power Amp
Source: [-]DVD: Arcam DV89a[/-] -SOLD
Source: Oppo BDP-93, Sony PS3 (Original), [-]CD: Musical Fidelity X-Ray v3[/-] -SOLD
Source 2: Apple TV (250GB) to Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 to Musical Fidelity X-10v3 Valve Buffer with Musical Fidelity X-PSU v3
Source 3: Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable with Linn Akito Tone Arm and Dynavector 10x5 MC Cartridge
Source 4: EAR Yoshino 834p Deluxe Phono Stage and Hercules II/Mose External PSU for Linn Turntable
Display: [-]Sony KDL-46W2000 46" TV[/-] -Backlight Issue so sold and replaced
Display: New TV: LG Infinia 55LE8900 (New TV images from post #24)
TV Source: Humax FoxSat HD Freeasat Decoder and Humax HD-Fox-T2 PVR (500GB) Freeview HD STB
Speakers Main: B&W Nautilus 803s Bi-Amped via P7
Speakers Centre: [-]B&W FPM6[/-], [-]B&W Nautilus HTM2[/-], B&W Nautilus HTM1
Speakers Surround: B&W DS6 s2 Dipoles
Speakers Subwoofer: B&W ASW-675

Main Setup 2:

Rack Close:

Rack Close 2:

Turntable: Linn LP12/Akito/Dynavector 10X5, Hercules II/Mose Ext PSU

Phono Stage: EAR Yoshino 834p Deluxe

Main Speakers: B&W Nautilus 803s

Centre Speaker: B&W FPM6

Rear Speakers: B&W DS6 MkII Dipoles

Subwoofer: B&W ASW-675

Other Kit:
My Rack is a custom build/size Spectral High-End SL unit White Glass and Black Anodised Aluminium legs, was a bit of a fight to get the company to do some custom sizes but the standard sizes just wouldnt work, took three retailers before they eventually said yes! :D

Cables, i use Chord Chameleon II RCA's for Amp Interconnects and multichannel inputs and I use QED Silver Spiral Anniversary editions for all RCA Based source. QED Qunex SRV75 Component for DVD to TV and for Subwoofer. Belkin Pure AV Optical Cables for STB's and PS3 and Chord HDMI Cables (Various). My Speaker cable is the Ecosse CS4.4 BiWire-BiAmp Award Speaker Cable that is Solid Core for Hi Frequency and Multi Strand for Low Frequency. I also use QED Silver Speaker cables for the surround speakers and centre. Power Cables are all Isotec Supreme or Optimum IEC Power Cables coming from Dedicated Mains Filters.

The Future!
Well apart from the continuing saga of cable tidying I really want to get a Blu-Ray Player, I have had the old PS3 since the day of its UK launch and it has done a flawless job to be honest but I want a silent machine for the job as I really don't use it as a games machine at all, if any one has any great suggestions on Blu-Ray players that would suit my system and specs then please feel free to suggest away :lease:

The models I have looked at so far are the Cambridge Audio Azure 650BD, sounds a great all rounder but some say the output DACS arent as good as could be and as I would use them for going to my Arcam AV9 then this is important, I have also considered the Oppo BDP83 or SE model, this like the Cambridge is a do all machine but with the better DACS but, sadly its not a UK machine and I have seen some imported versions but as prices seem to go to £1,300 that seems a lot for a modest player price in the states! I have heard that Arcams BPD-100 is released in August for £1000 which tbh is cheaper than I thought and sounds like it may tick all the boxes I am after so I might wait and see but if you have any great suggestions please say :)

Well thats it, thanks for checking out my system and all questions & comments welcome.

Cheers, Brian
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thats an outstanding setup it looks very minimalistic and clean, i bet that setup sounds the business in either stereo or surround.:thumbsup:


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Thanks m8 :smashin:

The sound is the most important thing for me and as much as I love movies music and stereo is still a priority for me, thats one of the reasons I use four of the Arcam P7's seven power amps just to drive the main left and right speakers. so I sacrificed 7.1 for 5.1 and better stereo :)

The room is small so 7.1 is somewhat wasted but maybe I'll change my mind soon especially with all the awesome 7.1 HD soundtrack movies these days!

Thanks again :hiya:


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Very nice! do you even have a bed in there?

Thanks for that, not only a bed but 2 leather Ikea chairs and a computer desk for my iMac 27" i7 Apple Mac :)

There is a cupboard to the right of the right hand speaker that houses most of the other electronics, like Apple TimeCapsule (1TB)wireless router, Cable modem, several Hard Drives (8TB)networked via the Apple Router, my PS3 (to keep noise down) and three printers, a black & white Epson epl-5800n Laser, a Canon MP600 for Photo prints and scan and a A3+ Canon IX4000 printer too.

The cupboard was designed for a large heating water tank but after a Combi-Boiler was fitted the tank was removed as surplus and I set it up as a sort of comm's cabinet, works really well as there's lots of messy cables in there and stuff I don't want to see :)

I have even thought of converting the cupboard into a hifi Rack and mounting all my kit there freeing up all the floor space but, I I'm not long since purchasing the nice German Spectral Stand/Rack and I quite like it. It's very heavy duty glass can take 110KG a shelf!


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wow, your rooms full of surprises, maybe we need more pictures of your whole room :D


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Thanks, I'll try and get some other snaps but, the other side is the more messy bedroom side :eek:

Thanks :)


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Thanks Alz,

Just had a look through your projects post, some awesome work there! really detailed, good skillz :thumbsup:


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Excellent kit there Brian. Love the Nautilus I am seriously considering the 802's for my front L&R with the matching centre.

Nice to see a class turntable in these days of digital sources.


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Thanks rigman & CrossyX :)

Love the Nautilus I am seriously considering the 802's for my front L&R with the matching centre.

The 802's are simply awesome mate, maybe a bit much for my small room though and really need some serious amplification but I did get a chance to give them a proper audition last year and they are near perfect speakers!

It was good actually a local (ish) retailer had the whole range on a proper demo they had the 805's (Great) 804's (not so great) 803's (bought them) 802's (wished I had) and the 800's (makes you wish you had more money!) but the real star was they had a set of Nautilus speakers, I know not to everyone's taste in style but the best I have ever heard, no idea where to get the £55,000 for them though :(

Nice to see a class turntable in these days of digital sources.

Most of my music listening these days is via the Apple TV that I use as a music server with lossless files going through the DAC then Valve buffer but, when I want to relax to something more special I go to vinyl, like last night managed to steal a couple of hours listening to Floyd on vinyl and it was great :cool: :thumbsup:


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55k for the Nautilus plus the 8 power amps that are needed to power each one.

If I won the lottery I would have 3 of them as my fronts LCR and some 800d's as my surrounds :D


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Haha Rigman yeah your right but, you forgot the rest of the cash for the large house extension you would need too! :eek:

:facepalm: :)


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Love the setup, B&W do make some fantastic speakers, I love my 602's.


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Thanks Dorsetado,

I too used to have a set of B&W 602's they were the S3 models, I liked them very much :thumbsup:

You cant really see them well in this old picture of my older AV system:


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Hey all,

Been a while but I got a new TV so I thought I would update this. My Sony Bravia developed some typical Bravia backlight issues so I changed it. after trying many models I went for the LG infinia 55LE8900 LCD TV with full LED backlight.

A couple of shots of the TV on the wall:


The TV is very thin, only 35mm at the thickest part so I didn't use my tilt bracket when I mounted it and went for one that allows the TV to go closer to the wall, in all it ended up 6 inches further back than the Bravia was (doesn't make cabling easy though!).

Here are a few quick screen shots of it in action, sorry about the crappy pictures though :blush:

Deadly little Miho:



What you think?

Cheers, Brian

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