My AVR200 just blew up, AGAIN!!!!!



To whom it may concern:

Last Monday, my dealer received my AVR200 via UPS and I picked it up that evening. The following afternoon, I hooked everything up (checked and re-checked--this is the 10th home cinema system I've hooked up), turned on the AVR200, and within 3 seconds, a "POP" and no display. The green power light was on but that was it. I brought it back that evening, was told that a faulty circuit kept blowing fuses and I would receive a new one by Thurs evening, Friday morning at the latest. As it turns out, the American distributor did not send the package as quickly as promised and I received only today. I've just spent about two hours moving equipment and furniture and hooking everything up (checking and re-checking all the connections) and when I turned it on, the same "POP" and no display. I am using the exact same interconnects and speaker wire that worked perfectly well with my old Denon AVR1600 (which I sold to my brother-in-law). I verified that the impedence switch was at the correct setting, the voltage switch was at the correct setting and that no bare wires were in any way touching either each other or the chassis.

I really wanted to enjoy my Arcam. The two-channel integrated amp my dealer lent me while I was waiting was wonderful and I hated parting with it. However, having this problem twice makes me reluctant to try my luck again.


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i wouldernt bother trying again.....although they do say 3rd time lucky.......but i think you might be better off, taking it back and tell the dealer to keep the money and use it as a deposit on a AVR300, which should not be too far away now........
Maybe try and get the 2 channel amp back off him to use for now.


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Could be fault in some other piece of equipment feeding the AVR200. If they are faulty and feeding a constant DC signal out that may be anough to blow the Arcam but the loaner amp could be happy with it (filter out the DC).

I would have tried connecting just the speakers and mains, making sure that worked and then powering down, conneting an input, checking that works, connecting another, etc, etc.

Too late now though :(


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When you get the AVR200 back again plug it in somewhere else in the house with nothing else plugged into it. If it doesn't 'POP' then obviously you have a problem elsewhere in your setup that is causing it to blow.


I've decided not to risk another blow up and took my original second choice, an Integra DTR 6.4. Along with this, my dealer upgraded my sub from the baby Boston Acoustics PV500 (that was slated for my secondary system) to the PV900 (85 watts to 300 watts, 10" to 12").

I attached the same equipment, using the same speaker wire and interconnects and plugged the receiver into the same socket on the same power bar into the same outlet as the two blown Arcams, and everything works fine (has been since Tuesday).

In a couple of years, when the budget can handle an upgrade, I'll likely go with some Arcam power amps to drive my fronts, at least.


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I had the AVR200 but sold it as had a really nasty hum on the centre channel when is stereo mode, I thought the build quality was appaling too and have stopped buying Arcam.

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