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see post 17 for latest update

Hi guys, been reading here for a few months now and thought id show my face :)

got a lot of good idea's from here Thanks! :clap:

ill start with a few pics of how iv started and then progressed, (click pics for full size versions)

started with a simple setup, LG LCD 1080p tv, LG bluray player, ACER laptop (1080p hdmi output with blueray drive) and a wii :)

I then wanted to add some suround sound to my setup and rememberd i had a old Kenwood Series 21 system in my garage that i baught with my saturday job money when i was at school, yes 16 years old and i saved up for a £1000 system :p now 9-10 years down the line its back in use...

i mounted the tv on the wall so i had clearance for the center speaker

also dug out the sky + box (we had it disconected as the councel wouldent cut the bloody trees down abit behind our house)

quick snap of my laptop being used as a htpc
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all was going well untill i realised it all looked too tall and thin
so after a good few hours browsing this place i got some ideas for the next stage,

floating wall :clap:

so heres a pic from sketch up that i made of how i want it

the unit i picked is a Ikea Besta unit, well 3 units in total
the tv will stay as it is and a floating wall built around it with the besta units in frount, maybe a floating besta unit... im not sure yet...

so to get the ball rolling again, i had a trip to ikea to buy the units £80 and a broken back later i have this lot...

was £20 cheaper as the silly cow only scanned 2 of the units, oh well im sure Ingvar wont mind.... :D

progress pic

and tada.....!






and inside
laptop, wii and bluray

sky+ kenwood series 21, media center remote reciever, mouse and keyboard reviever

bits and bobs and the mrs wii fit...

thats all for now, my next perchace shall be a sony STR-DH800 av reciever :) (want HD sound to go with the HD everything else...

also sky+HD is on the cards when the trees get a chop!

sorry for the crap spelling :D
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forgot to say, still living at my perants, but the mrs is living here also :D

this is the spare room that we have turned into our own living room, we was set to move into our own place but that fell through :confused: so were staying put here for a while, (its cheaper also :smashin:)

- johnyc -

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lookin good mate . i see in your album you have an african grey,i had one for 18 years but sadly had to get rid of him 6 months ago as my 4 year old wouldnt keep her fingers out of the cage. any way good job mate :smashin:


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oh thats a shame mate!:(
couldent you have put a perspex skirt round the lower half of the cage or somthing? to stop the little one getting too close...?

Thanks also :)
got my new sony STR-DH800 amp yesterday :clap:
will post pics in a while :D


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as i said, heres my new Sony STR-DH800


and tucked away in its new home :clap:




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Hi ToneF great job you`ve done with the transformation.Have been thinkin `bout getting the besta units myself.Can you construct the units with out the backs on to help with overheating?I`m concerned with my av amp,v+ and xbox360.All three do run warm.Also are the units easy to put together?


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Hi nick, Thanks :)
yes you can build them without the backs,
but they lose a lot of rigidity (spelling?)
id recomend cutting nice big holes in the backs rather than removeing them alltogether,
i only removed one of mine because i couldent be botherd to cut holes in it for the wires, and with the door shut you cant tell either

but, if like me you are attaching 2 or more together its ok if you remove one, as the other unit/s will keep it all ridged

where my amp is sitting in the center unit in mine, i just cut a hole not much smaller than the amp its self with a stanley knife, amp seems fine there.

:D parrot is now on the other side of the room next to the sofa :D

I Am Custard

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great transformation!!! i bet you are really happy with how it turned out. I do love an evolving set up.

Great job


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Wow another African Grey owner on the forums. Nice transformation, I would look at raising the speakers off the floor and angling the centre to your ear listening height.


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Hi Tone,thanx for the reply,think I`ll go for cutting holes in the back.Although I am planning on getting 3 units like yourself
Just got to psych myself up now, Cheers Nick


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no probs nick!
be carefull when building and placeing equipment in the units as the laminate is very thin and can mark easy, mainly on the edges where i have been pulling the amp in and out to get access to the back of it, leaving a few nicks on the edges.

nothing a brown or black marker pen cant hide mind :smashin:

cheers guys:D
need to plan the next stage now, the floating wall!:clap:


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looking good.

my suggestion - get yourself a cheap wireless keyboard/mouse ACK-KB-540U+ mini keyboard with integrated touch p - Keysonic ACK-KB-540U+ Black Matt Softskin Mini keyboard with integrated touchpad - USB -

That way you can relax while surfing the net:thumbsup:
i have a wireless keyboard and mouse ;)
if you mean a all in one type then i dont really get on with track pads :thumbsdow much prefer a mouse in my hand

as said the besta units (with doors and legs ect) came to 80-90 quid

2 more shots, without speaker grills on :)


much better without i think

DOH!!! just noticed the wii sensor bar has fallen off he bottom of the tv :oops:
should have dusted also..... haha ill try again later lol


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Hi guys
bit of a update :D
got a projector and screen the otherday so i have made a few changes

its not complete yet but ill update with what we have been upto

we baught a optoma HD65 projector and 92" screen fron my parents for a good price, the screen was far to big for our room so we chucked it on ebay and got a 72" electric screen from crosbey and bown, fantastic screen and feels really good quality, and was a lot quieter than the panoview one we looked at in currys :smashin:

so to start:
we pulled everything out and marked out the walls


then started building up the framework (this is not a permanant structure so has been built as easy, simply and cheaply as posable as it will all need to be ripped out when we move out... whenever that is lol)


mounting of the screen


quick test...



the white mark at the top of the screen is where they never sprayed, as the screen is not ment to come down this low, im happy that its ok at this hight so ill fill it in with a bit of matt spray or something


then some plaster board




this is as far as i have got



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looking good there fella, i mean it looked good before but anticipating the final result. keep us updated.


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Thanks guys :)
been busy again today:

popped to B&Q and got a pair of LED downlighters and installed the wireing ready for the pelmet

then i cracked on and built the pelmet

(used masking tape to tidy up the joins till we can wallpaper it and fit the covings and skirting)



just need to decorate, install the projector and re wire all my av gear :facepalm::D


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Looking good, can i ask why you didn't move the radiator, kind of defeats the purpose of it when half of it is covered up.


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I've installed the 84" version of your screen in a very similar way. Do you find the screen quite noisy when it's winding up and down? Mine is pretty noisy, but not unbearable...


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Looking good, can i ask why you didn't move the radiator, kind of defeats the purpose of it when half of it is covered up.

Would love to have moved the rad, but unfortunately we are still living at my parents untill we have enough money to get our own place, so moving radiators are a big no no... :(
The rad is not completely covered... It's open above the rad in a ramped sort of design so all the hot air can get out, the enclosure is sealed off from the rad area so no hot air will collect behind the tv,

I find the screen quiet to be honest... Mounting it on the celing has amplified it slightly, depending on your mounting method I suppose you could try placing some rubber in-between the screen and celing and useing a washer, rubber tube then anouther washer on longer screws to mount the screen Isolating it for the celing.... Will draw a picture if you don't see what I mean with the washers and rubber tube...

Thanks again :)
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been a bit mad over christmas so not had time to finish it but this is as far as i have got, so far....:D



we have also painted the wall either side a nice red since the pics,

just need to finish off the pelmet and fit the skirting:)

and for xmas we got a harmony one! and effing love it!!!!!

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