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My attempt at cancelling VM (muppets)


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Gave a couple of reasons for cancelling when asked why, one of which was the new throttling which had halved my speed.

The guy said to me, no you're wrong on the 4MB service when it's traffic managed you still get 2MB.

I said this was incorrect as it had recently been changed.

He said where did you read that, I said on websites - he replied in a condescending tone 'so you read it on chat forums' I said no I read it on proper published websites.

He kept telling me I was wrong and I pointed out I wasn't because I had seen the speed changes first hand after reading about them but he wasn't having any of it and kept making out I was an idiot for believing a 'chat forum' we were veering towards argument territory by this point.

I then googled virgin traffic management and what do you know, first result the official virgin media page clearly detailing that you only get 1MB on a 4MB service when it's being 'managed'

I had to spell out the website address for him, he said let me just check on that; lo and behold about ten minutes later (on a costly 0845 number) I'm still sat on hold waiting for him to come back to me.

Had to call back up to get the cancellation sorted.

Was optimistic when VM took over, thinking they would have some clout to take on sky and bring us some HD channels which was all that Telewest failed on but it's all been downhill on both the product and the level of service.

Oh well, good riddance and all that..


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Good luck with Sky and whoever else you use.

Now don't turn into one of those posters that starts his posts with 'Used to be with VM and it was crap and now I'm getting blah, blah, blah, blah with such and such..'

Some of us actually like VM...


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No intention of going to sky, looking towards freesat from the bbc since I want some HD channels, particularly for the euro's this summer. Virgin have made it pretty clear they're not interested in this.

I can see why people are happy with VM, it's fine if you're not a 'demanding' user who wants HD, fast internet or to watch a PPV!

Most of my family are with VM and have nothing to complain about but for me they've been a shambles, it wouldn't have happened with Telewest..


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I can see why people are happy with VM, it's fine if you're not a 'demanding' user who wants HD, fast internet or to watch a PPV!

Except to say that some people do receive HD, fast internet and PPV from Virgin with no problems. I guess some people are more 'demanding' as you put it than others. I hope your next service provider is able to satisfy your demands.Good luck.


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One HD channel despite having full rights to another

Fast internet unless you want to use it in 'peak times'

PPV is fine unless you happen to own a V+ or TVDrive

Like I said it could be a good service if they wanted it to be, I'm sure they would be touched by your defence of them. Just the attitude to encourage them to keep cutting back services on the sly.

Nivek TT

Distinguished Member
Could you expand on this one please? What's the problem? Cheers.

I believe he is referring to the recent Hatton boxing match. Many V+ useres reported the PPV failing and them missing the fight.

I remember a late night post-pub drinking session when my intoxicated mind thought it would be a great idea to order PPV softcore specialist interest entertainment.... :rolleyes:

Didn't work... and was very embaressing when I had to phone up and complain that the PPV I'd ordered wasn't working. "Which PPV may that be sir?", "Uh... that'll be 100% babes" :suicide:


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A very large number (quite possibly all by the sound of the recorded message/status reports online) TVDrive or V+ users were unable to view the fight after having paid for it.

Time varied but in my case it was just under two hours after the start that the channel actually came on.

Virgin's phonelines were completely jammed and cutting people off, then come midnight you just got a recording stating the call centre was now closed.

As you can imagine that was rather frustrating.

When the channel did come on I inadvertantly pressed the remote and jumped to another channel and lost the boxing - it took three reboots and about ten minutes before I could get it back, I was tearing my hair out by this point.

A lot of people didn't get the fight at all.

Kerr Avon

Established Member
Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. I'm planning to upgrade to V+ imminently - believe it or not, I'm still on analogue cable. So was the Hatton fight a one-off problem with PPV and V+ (Kevin's "special interest channels notwithstanding :D) or is it a long-standing, known problem that V+ affects PPV?

Cheers again.

Ned Senior

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ive got the 4mb speed and i check it all the time and i can honestly say its never been below 3900 speed

I have 20Mb and it rarely drops below 18500kbps unless there is a system fault at virgin end (maybe twice since it was available in my area) then again I don't download stuff just have more than one machine connected and stream youtube and radio stuff etc at the same time...
Phone always works well!!
Dropped the tv last year 'cos they promised HD when TVdrive came out and I bought a plasma on the strength of their promise ( Thanks be for HDDVD and PS3)

Bargain price if you speak to the right bod there too


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A very large number (quite possibly all by the sound of the recorded message/status reports online) TVDrive or V+ users were unable to view the fight after having paid for it.

Plus the fact that having phoned them up to get a refund they denied all knowledge of any problems, any calls i had made to them on the night and claimed that the broadcast went trouble free. Thieveing scum.

Who knows if it was a one off problem, i certainly wont be buying anymore ppv's off them to find out.


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Not talking to the right people, here's what I got ;)

Thanks for your note; I am the Chief Executive so I am very interested in your comments. Let me start with an apology. There was no excuse for the mess up on the PPV fight and I will arrange for a full credit.


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Well he's only acting chief executive and I guess that's why they have PA's.

This is the lady that said she would be applying the refund for me, works in customer loyalty: ****

EDIT: Personal email addresses shouldn't be posted in a public forum without the addressee's permission. KevinPedrick.

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