My argument against blind testing - doesn't work

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S Bibby

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Hi forum,

I'd like to clear up the views on this subject with a simple answer to a fairly basic subject - does testing blind improve the accuracy or validity (lack of bias) in the listening environment? My view is that it cannot because as far as I can see there is no evidence that we can isolate individual preferences.

On the other hand, I don't see much of case for the other side, except for this - where is blind testing often used? A - market research. Are market researchers interested in accuracy or bias - clearly not. Look at the claims made for any product then compare them with the methodology, sampling etc. The only thing they are interested in is getting a result. Why is this wrong then? Well, it doesn't really tell us anything useful about the product in terms of what to look for, making an informed decision.

Finally - statistics, as William Shatner/Capt. Kirk said - 'don't trust them, can't work with them'.. Discuss.


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I've read bits here and there about "blind testing" and I too concur that tests arranged by certain entities may be suspect for obvious reasons, however..

Surely the concept of blind testing has some validity in terms of attempting to negate subliminal bias....surely?

Just my initial thought after reading your post.


Alan Mac

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If you haven’t already seen it, the BBC “Horizon” programme entitled “Is Seeing Believing?” is well worth watching.

BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Horizon, 2010-2011, Is Seeing Believing?

It is described in this programme how our senses are prone to illusions and explanations are presented as to why this may be so.

It is apparent that our sense of hearing cannot be trusted when there are other sensory inputs present. That is why “blind” testing is essential for subjective audio comparisons.

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