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I'm saving up to build a 64bit system in the next 6 months, im not too bothered about having the best of everything right now but want to be able to upgrade it over the course of a several years. I'll use it mostly for gaming and most importantly i needs to be able to drive my Dell 2005W LCD at native res (1580x1060 i belvie) easily. I've put together the following components which comes to just under 500, was wondering if any could comment and what was strong and weak about the package and maybe reccommend some better components bearing in mind i dont want to spend much more than the 500.

I've placed a value next to each component, this the maximum i want to pay. Unless there is good reason to pay more.

HHD(<60): 120Gb Seagate Barracuda (7200rpm,8MB) - SATA with NCQ
Optical (<30): Generic CD/DVD writer
CPU (<110): Athlon 64 3000 32/64Bit CPU S939 "Venice"
Mobo. (<100): Abit KN8 Ultra PCI-E S939 NF4
RAM (<100): 1Gb PC3200, found some fairly generic on Crucial
Video (<120): 256MB Gigabyte PCI-E NX66T256D GF-6600GT (NV43 Ultra)

Thanks in advnace.


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the thing with driving a res that high is you do need a rather hefty Gfx card. i know this isnt what you want to hear but if that was me id have a faster CPU and a more powerfull Gfx card. you will be able to run that res but the eye candy wont be able to be turned up and that kind of defeats any point IMO. for Cpu id reccomend the 3500+ Venice its an excellent chip and either a Ati X800XL or Nvidia 6800GT at the bear minimum.

i think its MR D on the forum who owns the 24" dell and he uses a hefty X850XT to power his beast so you do need the power for those high res's.
I run all my games and desktop @ 1600x1200 - currently playing WoW with all features up at that res ... get a reasonably constant 60fps with a yr old X800pro card
Might be an idea to get an x-fire or sli mobo - so if you pick up a mid range pci-e card now .... you can add another later. The current benifits are not great in terms of extra power ... but drivers get more refined as time goes on ..... and as prices drop, you can buy the card equivelent on budget in 6mnts time and squease some more life out of your old card and system.

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