My 28PW6006 has a problem...

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by electrolyte, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Have had my Philips 28PW6006 since Xmas 2001 and have been very happy with it until 3 weeks ago when it developed a fault.

    I get distortion and interference in all the AV channels. I have a Sky Dig STB plugged into Ext1 and the sound from this was up until 3 weeks ago perfect - now the edge of the sound is very distorted. When I flick to Ext2 (with nothing plugged in to Ext2 Scart) I don't get a complete black screen as I used to but I do get a slight interference pattern of small, thin white lines and distorted audio from whichever terrestrial channel I last tuned the TV to out of just the right speaker. The same with the other AV channels (SVHS2 and AV). If I plug in the sky box to Ext2 I get distorted sound but no picture. If I unplug both the sky box and the RF Ariel (ie nothing plugged into TV) I still get interference on all 4 AV channels. Therefore I reckon it is definitely the TV at fault.....

    I bought the thing from Comet and have a 3 year warranty from them. Called their service dept - couldn't come round when convenient for me so left my wife to deal with the engineer. They said they couldn't fix it and took it away just over a week ago. They brought it back today while I was at work and were out of the door before my wife had a chance to test the TV properly. The problem is still there - rang the service centre tonight, they claimed that they had "extensively tested it for 1 week and found no faults".

    Am I going mad - TVs are not supposed to do this are they? :confused: Please can other PW6006 owners confirm that their AV channels do have these interference patterns?:confused:

    A 2nd engineer is coming out on Wednesday morning and I've taken the morning off work this time and will try to convince them that my TV is bust.

    has anyone got any tips to help me persuade Comet that my TV needs fixing and if they can't manage that a new TV? It makes me sooo angry:mad:
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    Not hi-fi related electrolyte, but about 6 months ago I purchased a fridge-freezer from Comet, which was badly dented at the back, which was replaced. A couple of weeks ago I bought a washing machine from them, which was again badly dented at the back, arranged for a refund and collection on a pre-arranged 6 hour time slot, they couldn't even turn be bothered to turn up within the 6 hour time slot, so they can whistle for the bloody thing now!!

    I for one will never set foot inside a Comet store again, as it is more hassle than it is worth!!



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