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I have been reading this forum for a while and decided I would finally contribute. After buying a new house two years ago with a dedicated home cinema I have been on a quest to slowly upgrade and modernise it.

The Room:

The room itself is 9.5m x 6.5m (31’ x 21’). The floor has 5 levels with the ceiling ranging from 2.4m to 3.7m (8’ to 12’). There are three rows of seating at 4m, 5.2m and 6.4m (13’, 17’and 21’). Due to the image size, the back wall is used as the screen and painted with projector screen paint. The cinema is 100% light controlled (with remote controlled lighting), sound proofed and has a separate air conditioner. It also has a digital lock on the door and light indicator outside so you know if the cinema is in use. The cinema had not been updated since its construction and had a Sony G70 CRT roof mounted with a 7m (23’) throw to give a screen size of 4.2m(14’) wide / 190in at 16x9) diagonal screen. The screen size and image can be seen in pic 3

The original setup consisted of the following

  • Sony VPH-G70 CRT projector
  • Pioneer VSX-D814 Receiver
  • Cerwin Vega CLS-215 front speakers
  • Cerwin Vega V-6M centre speaker
  • Cerwin Vega V-5M surround and rear speakers
  • Cerwin Vega CLS-15S Sub woofer
  • Western Digital Live Media Player

The work so far:

After acquiring a 5000 ANSI lumen large venue projector for an outdoor cinema project and decided I could use it as an intermediate upgrade until I found a suitable home theatre projector for the cinema.

The original plan was to replace the Sony G70 however I decided to retain the original installation and mount the Mitsubishi UL7400U further back to give a 9m (30’) throw to produce a 5.5m (18’) wide / 248in (16:9) diagonally screen. The larger screen can be seen in pic 4 and to give some idea of the size I have included a picture of my 183cm/6’ son in front of the screen.

To do this I mounted the projector into a 42ru server rack located at the rear wall of the cinema which also provides protection for the projector when it is not in use (The projector is always used with the door open). I also installed all the AV, gaming and network hardware in the rack with the projector as well as a HDMI Matrix switch to allow switching between the new and old projector.

I initially had reservations about using venue projector however I was very surprised just how good the picture was. Even at near 250in the image was bright and vibrant with good colour accuracy, sharp image and smooth motion. Its only weakness is the black levels on the are not quite on par with a dedicated home theatre projector however they are passable and only noticeable occasionally on the darkest of scenes. It is also very quiet and has many connectivity options. All in all I am pretty impressed with how it performs overall and, with the huge sound the speakers produce, it provides a fantastic and immersive viewing experience. I have included some pictures of the screen taken with my cell phone to give an idea of the image quality.

The new components to date:

  • Mitsubishi UL7400U Large Venue Projector
  • Crown CTs 600 – (to drive the front speakers)
  • Samsung 3D Blue ray player
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One Elite
  • HDMI 4x2 matrix switch with Optical audio out
  • 8 port Cisco Gigabit switch


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Wow the room looks fantastic ! And the huge screen, like your own Imax :)


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Looks great!! I think you’d benefit from a dedicated screen and black wall though, your room definitely deserves it!! Well done, awesome job!!


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Wow had no idea painted wall could look so good.
I guess you don’t have to worry about the whole 16:9 or 1.35:1/ aspect ratio issues.


Are you sure you just haven't bought to the local cinema and moved in. Brilliant job, well done.


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Thank you, I appreciate your comments

I have put some thought into a dedicated screen as it would certainly look nicer. One thought was to have an acoustically transparent screen so that it would be mounted in front of the speakers. The upside would be that it would hide the subwoofer that obstructs the lower right-hand corner of the screen when viewing it at 16:9. The downside however is the screen would have to move at 60cm/24in closer to the already close front seats so I think I will need to find another solution.

The Sub-woofer issue is mostly seen when playing Xbox as it uses 16:9 however the screen takes up so much of your view that you honestly don’t even notice the right-hand corner.

Below are some photos showing the Xbox running on the projector. The image is displaying at 16:9.
*It should be noted that the pictures are taken with some of the cinema lights on so there may be some ambient light on the screen.







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