Question My 1st SLR, moving on from superzoom & planning on astrophotography in future. Camera Advise please.


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Hello!! First of all, Merry Christmas :D

As title, I currently use a Canon SX40HS, couldn't afford SX50HS when that came out, thought of the 60, then got put off, finally being astonished by the Nikon P900 with a whopping 83x optical zoom....

BUT, all of these cameras have small sensor's, really just have the zoom going for them and I have been meaning to making a jump to an SLR for many years.... I have simply not been able to have a chance of getting one, until now.

So, I have been spending the day with a bit of google-fu, searching forums, dpreview website, watching hours of your tube videos and have found a couple of camera's to consider:

Canon 750D/760D - though the 760D sounds better for performance etc.... but not sure if it's that far ahead. Strange why canon bought out essentially two versions of the same camera??
Though the 760D is a fair bit over my budget.

Nikon 5500 - Just a little over my budget after cashback.

I have had a little experiance with my sisters DSLR, which is a 450D Canon, and my mothers Nikon 3100.... and obviously the manual modes on my current Canon SX40HS, my previous Pasonic Bridge camera too, can't remember the name of that now.

I find the Canon controls and layouts a lot easier, and have seen that the Nikon 5500 can be a nusance to work with coming out of one setting to change another etc.... but it still seems to take good shots.

I watched this video as a reference in my research:

Please could you advise me on these two camera's, and possibly recommend some more to consider as I'm not quite caught up with the camera world, especially when it comes to DSLR's.

Budget, source:
£400-500 (£500 max, after any cashback.... budget is quite tight, I've saved and had some christmas money too)
Uk based company with next day delivery if online, or I can get to Currys or Argos

Features I would like:
Live screen thing so I can look at the screen to take shots, but I'd also like to use the viewfinder
Variangle screen, I really need this as I like taking some awkward shots and all the bending and lying down isn't good for my bad back.
Decent size image sensor.... which I presume isn't a problem with SLR's
Raw shooting
Good in low light conditions as well as daylight without too much grain
Long exposures
High enough megapixels to get high quality crops
Mobile app with almost full controls would be a bonus
Able to take photos with a remote, or use the same thing to keep the shutter open for long exposures (night sky, stars etc.... see below)
If my current 67mm filters fit, that would be a bonus

Normal every day use, portraits, family, landscapes etc....
Depth of Field type photo's
Night Sky (stars, star trails, moon, planets, nebulae, etc....)
Cats - They move damn quick

I realise that I will need a telescope or lens' for some of the above, that will come at another time, I'm focusing on getting a camera with a kit lens that will last which I'll no doubt add to over the years when the bug hits.

I think the cash back offers end 13th of January, but I'm sure they usually pop up quite a bit, but I'm unsure how reliable they are. My sister has had trouble getting cashback from canon in the past, I don't want to have to strangle (metaphorically speaking) canon or anyone to get cashback after I have bought the camera. I'm not sure what they are like for it now??

All advise and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.



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First and foremost you need to get whichever camera you feel most comfortable operating. If you have no preference in this regards then I would choose the Nikon as it has better ISO/noise handling which is important for astrophotography, and has better dynamic range which is better for landscapes.


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I feel the most comfortable operating the Canon as it's a familar system, though I could go with either I expect. I'd imagine I need a bit of hands on with both and see how it is. I'd probably go with the 750D rather than 760D as they seem far to alike to justify the difference.

Is there anything else worth considering looking at in the price range?



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Spent a while in PC World today teaching the staff what things do what :rolleyes:

After spending a lot of time with both camera's I ended up with the Canon 750D with 18-55mm kit lens and a 70-300mm sigma lens, I just like the feel of it, how and where everything is placed and find the menus far easier to navigate :smashin:

I had a play about with the app, and although it's pretty good and quite useful, I think it still needs some work.

Just looking around for a shutter release that I can use with bulb mode for long exposure night photography, I have come across a nice cheap one here:
PIXEL RC-201/L1 wired shutter release control for Canon: Electronics
Would that do the trick? Looks like it has a 'hold' mode and that's the only one I can find that has a jack plug rather than the oblong things as the 750D has a jack socket.
EDIT: Looks like there are a load of different versions of the same cable, so not sure which to get, or indeed if I should opt for a better one.


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