My 07MS tubes in a barco 701

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    My seleco 350+ is nice, but it'd be nice to be able to line double and progressive scan and all the rest. Given that I have no money cos I'm moving house, would it be worth me trying to get a barco 701 with knackered tubes and fitting my good tubes (apart from the green that needs a defung) into the 701?

    What would be the pros/cons and what could I use (PC/box) to acheive line doubling?
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    Makes use of the model first because some of the 701 machines had toshiba tubes fitted.
    The plugs on the EHT leads will be different I think. the splitter for the 701 is between the green and blue crts. I don't know where it is on the seleco but check the EHT leads are long enough.

    701 will struggle with progressive scan as the timing circuits were not really up to it. If your Prog scan DVD has macrovision enabled ( as of course it should ;)) the picture will never be right.
    I think that brings you down to using a line doubler or PC.

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