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Hi, could somebody please point out the differences between these 2 Pioneer models. I've hear a new MXE is coming out in a while, how will it differ from the new HDE that Pioneer released a few months back :confused: :confused:

The MXE does not have a media box - it is a pure monitor with approx 5 separate inputs. Some of these inputs are on a removable card which can be replaced by ones from third party manufacturers. Also, it should be about £500 cheaper than the HDE. Hope this helps.

Best of all PQ on the MXE is well ahead of the HDE.

Release of the 434MXE is imminent - UK probably imminent plus a few weeks - and is reputed to be a better performer than the 434HDE and a step up from the 433 (Joe Fernand can advise). So may be worth waiting - or make me a tempting offer for my 433 so i can go for a 434;)
Originally posted by philipb
Best of all PQ on the MXE is well ahead of the HDE.
Are you talking about the current crop of HDE - the 434 & 504?
I was under the impression that these HDE panels were a significant improvement over the current MXE range?
Brogan - no I meant the 433HDE.

I think the 434HDE is a (modest) step up over the 433MXE, but the 434MXE should be better still. At least the Pios do get better with each generation - the Pannies seem to be going backwards.
I thought that the **4HDE panels were if the same PQ as the **3MXE panels and that the **4MXE panels were ahead???


Think of the Pioneer PDP-434HDE PlasmaTV as a two part system - the PDP-434PE (Screen) plus the R04 Media Box.

The Pioneer PDP-434MXE Plasma Display is a one piece system and will use the same screen technology as the 04HDE - though without the Gloss Black bezel of the consumer unit.

The 04MXE has some video inputs on the chassis and some on a plug in video card - I dont have final spec on this as yet.

Most 04MXE's will be supplied with the video card pre installed.

The R03 Media Box from the previous generation PlasmaTV was the limiting factor when you compared the 03HDE with the 03MXE; the less complicated MXE always produced a better image and was PAL and NTSC Progressive compatible (though very non-TV like in operation)

The preliminary specs on the 04MXE looks pretty similar to the 04HDE - though I'm told the 04MXE will jump ahead of the HDE; we'll have to wait a few weeks yet before we can say one way or another.

Best regards

Thanks for the info guys, I was going to go for a Hitachi 42PD5000 but I might go for the new MXE, especially if it comes with a HDMI input on the back of the Panel. I already have a Pioneer 868 DVD player so it makes sense to go for this baby. When anybody has anymore news please post here.
So were talkin about £3500 then.

looks like its time to say goodbye to the panny then.

if the pic diff is like the old MXE over the HDE then its the one for me.
Will the 504MXE ship the same time as its little brother and will it feature HDMI ?
Thanks Steve,

so it will be dvi. Long as it has HDCP that will be OK, i dont mind sticking some cash out for a key digital HDMI card, when they become availble or when HDMI realy takes off.
Well spotted Dutch

I'm expecting the DVI input (with HDCP!!!) to be integral to the 04MXE chassis and not on the plug in card(s) this time around.

Best regards

Looks like i'll forget getting a projector for now so will put a deposit down on a plasma!....

Joe any idea what MXE will look like? i know it won't have the piano finish but will be like the older 433 mxe? when will you get a demo?

Also any idea what the standard board will have for connections? (apart from dvi) componant, svideo and maybe scart?

sooo many blooming questions!!:rolleyes: :laugh:
Hello all

No fixed dates yet for demo units - even Pioneer UK are unsure when the trade product launch will be as they dont have delivery dates as yet; expect to see the first units Mid April 04.

Model numbers - we can now further confuses the un-initiated; we now have the:


(I'll need to go update our web site!)

Inputs - you'll have HD15 + DVI-D on the chassis (still to verify if the DVI-D is HDCP!).

I believe we will see two plug in cards

A. Composite, S-Video and YUV (all plus Audio)
B. Composite, S-Video and RGBHV/YUV (only one Audio input).

The 'Look' - expect something that looks like a refined 03MXE; though with the integral carry handles you see hidden on the back of an 04HDE.

As I get more info I'll keep you all posted.

Best regards

:smashin: cheers m8!

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