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I have recently bought one of these awesome plasma panels and I am having no joy whatsoever in getting the learning remote that came with my Onkyo amp to pick up the remote signal from the plasma.

It looks like the remote from the Pioneer is a different type of signal i.e it had like a plain white led output as opposed to the opaque covers that usually come with most remotes. The onkyo remote will not pick anything up when I go through the learn process....

I was wondering if anyone out there can tell me if the remote from a HDE Pioneer plasma would work the MXE panel even to just switch it on. I have seen pictures of the remote on the HDE and it looks like a more conventional type and maybe I could use it to program my Onkyo remote.

It is a long shot I know.

I have also posted this on the remote section as I was unsure which heading would be most appropriate? please delete either if this is not the done thing....:blush:
Hi Lennyz ,I programmed my Marantz remote to control my mxe with no problem.


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The programmable remote that came with my amp is nowhere near as sophisticated as something like a pronto or similar.

I have to point the remote I am learning from at the amp remote and press the appropriate buttons. When I do this with all my other remotes I have no probs but as I say the MXE remote looks slightly different and my amp remote simply doesn't pick the signal up.

The pronto remote learns codes the same way , you point the original at the back of the pronto and it beeps when its learned it. I would say the MXE probably uses a different kind of infrared signal to most remotes and your Onkyo remote isnt capable of learning it. I used to have a Thomson TV that had a remote that couldnt be learnt , when I contacted Thomson they said they used a pulse infrared signal (what ever that means) and it couldnt be copied by most learning remotes.
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