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    I am trying to use Panasonic NVMX8 for stop motion animation. The capture frame rate should be about 2s/frame. I have come out with few options on how to do this, but each of them has some problems:

    1. Record all on tape and then extract frames in video editor.
    - big file
    - additional work required when selecting frames
    2. Have the camera connected to the computer and capture only separate frames on user command (e.g. when pressing space) without recording on tape.
    + no excess in disk consumption
    - the camera turns off automatically after some 10 minutes (is there any way to stop that?)
    - there is white line at the top of the frame and a violet on the left side (is this normal?)
    3. use the photo mode
    + higher resolution
    - don't know how to transport captured images to computer without switching to card P.B. mode each time memory card is full.

    Does anybody have any experience on this topic?

    Also related - I want to capture moving clouds. For that I would also need lover frame rate. Is there any option on MX8 to decrease the framerate or is the only way to do the frame decimation on computer?

    Urban Velkavrh

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