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My Sennheiser MX500 broke (I never stored them in the plastic box and now there are abruptions in the contact in the chord) so I'm in the market for new headphones.

My choice is between buying another pair of MX500 (which are very cheap, these days) or spending more than twice that money and upgrading to the CX300. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the in-canal design - I can take it or leave it - so the only thing that interests me is the quality of the sound.

What do you guys say, is CX300's sound really better than the MX500's sound?

Nick 156

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I have both pairs, MX500 first then bought CX300. The CX300 are vastly superior, but some people do find the in canal style uncomfortable. If you enjoy bass, the CX300's will really open your eyes!


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I have both and I hardly ever use the CX300s. The CX300s can sometimes sound impressive, but for me the highs can sometimes be piercing, and the sybillances aren't good. The MX500s may be less good than the CX300s when they are at their best, but the MX500s never offend me in any way - apart from dislodging in my ears and having to be pushed back in. Also, in-ear phones like the CX300s can make weird and disturbing noises in your ears if you are doing anything strenuous - they don't suit jogging, for instances, as they thump in your ear. There are a lot of stories about counterfeit CX300s, so buy from a supplier you trust. It's disappointing that, unlike the MX500s, the CX300s don't come with any sort of case,


Thanks DennyL, you helped me make up my mind as piercing highs are my pet-hate.

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