MW3 completed at 50% ?


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Can anyone explain why after completing the campaign it says 50.3% complete? Have I missed something somewhere? It did seem a bit short!


Dave H

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Veteran and collect all intel ?


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What confuses me ...

What's the extra 0.3% for? :confused:


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Dave H said you need to collect all the intel too.

Can someone show me how to multi quote? lol
The button next to quote with the speech bubbles, click that until your last quote and then click quote on your last one!

If it's like MW2 then intel wasn't required AFAIK but completing on veteran was


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Mine is on 100% & I've got all intel & done the veteran campaign. As others have said I'm sure that is what you need to do.


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I did it on Hardened and collected 1 intel and am on 76.3% lol


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Same as me...and I know why!

On one mission, it says there are 3 intel. There are actually 4 and you have picked it up on the way! :smashin: Intel is counted for the 100%/plat.

Aaah was wondering that, mines 100.3% too :thumbsup:

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