MW2's zombie mode.


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Will be defending the Whitehouse?

First thing that came to my mind after seeing the whitehouse was, that's where the MW2's equivilent to nazi zombie's is going to take place.

Anyone else had this tought?


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IMHO they should do something like Zombies, but not a direct copy.

Such as something like aliens, and you can have different varieties, some that fly through windows, others akin to facehuggers etc.


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I must admit the bit where the guy picks himself up outside the whitehouse, did have a Zombie feel to it. :)


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They probably have some sort of agreement with Treyarch that says they cant do anything similar or a direct copy of Zombies, Activision will play their part as well with the restrictions as it will lower sales cuz some ppl simply play WAW for Zombies and if they just put it all into MW2 then what would be the point of letting Treyarch continue the COD saga, Activision wants games coming thick and fast so they can make more money they arent gunna jeaopdise it....

On a less serious note, indeed it did remind me of Zombies now you mention it XD :D


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Can't remember the name.......,special ops???

Eitherway, if you die once you go right back to the beginning I think.......thats me ******!


Even if there isn't some sort of zombie game mode we'll definitely have spec-ops to play on which is fairly similar I reckon. Also there might even be an update which includes the new mode if enough people ask or spec-ops is popular.

Mr. Fred

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The should copy the movie 'Dog Soldiers' and have a farmhouse werewolf seige!



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From that video, looks like we will be up against some tough cookies, did he call them unstopables? Looks like it took 4 shots with .50cal to drop one:eek::eek:

Should give the guys who like to run and gun with a silenced weapon something to think about if it takes a mag to kill them:rotfl:


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the spec-ops looks like fun....but I seem to remember from all the interviews etc it is only 2 player co-op and not upto 4?

Thw whole thing looks good though:cool:

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