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MW2 = rubbish online signal


Established Member
How do chaps and chapesses

Anybody else getting really rubbish signals online in MW2 even though they're on full green bars? Think it started a few weeks back, seem to jerk and skip a second or two in games.

Thought it had got better lastnight but tonight has been awful :eek:

Was hoping the patch would sort it along with all the dodgy carepackage glitches going on but so far naaa good.


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i never have any problems

o2 broadband is just amazing and i always get selected as host and very seldomly do i have less than full bars



Standard Member
I agree its definitely not your connection as I have a 12.5meg line tested with broadband checker, 11.3meg tested on the ps3 I am using a 1.5m lan cable direct to the router. Since the update I am really struggling never hosted a game since and keep getting put into the middle of FFA games that just keep lagging especially if you watch the kill cam. One game I put in a full clip into someone who was only a few metres away only for him to knife me and when I watched it back i hadn't even fired:mad: Still getting wound up with the lobby rust comes up and I think great this will be fun and then get put into the middle of a game in sub-pens or rundown, why can't I get into rust if its there.:lease:


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Before the 1.08 update when I tried joining a random game it would start out at <50ms and work its way up to <100ms before I'd get dropped into a game (usually just as it was about to end, with me on the losing team, and someone spawn killing, etc.). Last night it just kept on going all the way up to <130ms!!! :mad: At least I managed to host a few games but I'm guessing that wasn't much fun for anyone else.


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The jerking effect had me thinking my ps3 was on the way out as i had full green bars when it was happening.:confused:

very annoying when it happens:(

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