MVX460 - Recommended Tapes ??


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Just bought a MVX460 - a bit surprised it didn`t come with a tape?

Any recommendations on good quality tapes..... also, you can record to sd card as well, which will offer the best quality recordings tape or sd card or are they the same?

I also understand the best way to transfer to computer is via firewire cable rather than the usb cable supplied how inferior is the quality? and again any recommendations for cables?

Sorry for all the questions !



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whichever tapes you decide upon, stick with them
mixing tapes can and will cause problems. Do a search on this forum as there are several threads on tapes and problems


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The only way to copy DV video from tape to a PC is to use a firewire cable. If you can even get the PC to capture using USB it will be poor quality.

Agree you should stick with a single brand; both Panasonic and Sony tapes are good.


This thread gives about the cheapest price for the very good Sony miniDV tapes. At under £20 for 10 tapes you can't really argue about the price, especially when you realise that when I first got a miniDV camcorder in 1999 I was paying about £15 per tape :eek:

If your PC already has a firewire (aka iLink, DV port, ieee1394) then you should just get a fairly cheap (ie under £10) firewire cable. Just make sure it is a max length of 1.8m as longer cables can cause problems. Expensive branded cables offer no advantage for video capture.
If your PC doesn't have a firewire port then you can add an internal firewire card for around £10 and this should include the cable.

The memory card recording feature will only offer highly compressed, low quality video. The only way to get the best out of your cam is to record to tape. The only real use for the memory card is for taking still images, but even a fairly cheap digital stills camera will probably give better quality images.

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