MUX1 reception problems on Pace

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by mortod, Jun 4, 2003.

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    Having recently bought the Pace Twin box, I seem to be having some reception problems, but only on Mux1 (BBC). Typically the other channels show a 40% or higher signal strength, whereas BBC channels vary between 34-39%, and frequently clock up bit rate errors. I'm contemplating an aerial upgrade (from my old group B to a W), but as Mux1 on channel 49 is bang in the middle of both the digital and analogue channel ranges, I find it hard to see how an upgrade will help. Any thoughts ?

    Secondly, assuming that an aerial upgrade is the solution I will probably purchase the Televes DAT75 and MRD amplifier. But my current aerial already uses a Labgear 26dB amp, so I am assuming that I will need further masthead amplification. In addition I also need to amplify my FM aerial and combine the two into one downlead, with DC pass through to the MRD device (hence my existing labgear amp is not suitable). How do I achieve that ? Should I use a combined amplifier/combiner, or a seperate combiner, with either two amplifiers (FM + UHF), or do I combine before amplifying in a single wideband signal? Can anyone recommend a suitable amplifier/combiner products ?

    As you might guess I am trying to avoid a call out charge for an aerial engineer.
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    Using a group "B" aerial aint goona help matters! The Televes DAT 75 is a fantastic high gain aerial, I live in a fringe coverage area (LL14) and to be honest it the best £42 ive spent in a l o n g time! Channels that were only showing a 23% signal strength are now all over 80%, the only difference being the aerial. Bear in mind that this aerial is around 6ft long with H U G E reflectors!!Im about 40 miles from The Wrekin transmitter and have not had reason to add a masthead amp, there no point the aerial is that good!

    Treat yourself, you wont be disapointed!

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