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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 30th November 2010.
I can't help but recommend Mutiny On The Bounty wholeheartedly. I'm a major fan of the Gibson/Hopkins version (wow – that Vangelis score!), but this telling has just as much action, angst and madness blowing against its sails. That the film garnered so many Oscar nominations and even won Best Picture is proof enough of its artistic and critical merits, but this is a gripping enough saga, excellently told, by anybody's standards.

The performances from Laughton, Gable and Tone are exemplary. The dreamy idyll of Tahiti is breathtaking, and the set-pieces of storm-lashed vessels are just as violent and tempestuous as their emotional counterparts above and below decks amongst the beleaguered crew. As ever, this is a story that actually makes you want to shout at the screen when the cavalcade of injustice goes too far. It is very much a black-and-white conflict though, which is just par for the course for period storytelling from this era, and this in no way reflects badly on the mastery of such a highly-wrought drama. The ensemble supporting cast are tremendously well-etched, too, with the only exception of the ill-fitting Herbert Mundin, who corny wave-beaten shtick can't help but rankle in the midst of the class act that surrounds him.

Warner's lavishly packaged disc benefits from a superb transfer, but scuppers itself with a dearth of extras. For such a powerful and lauded motion picture, this seems like a terrible oversight. Nevertheless, Mutiny On The Bounty is a superlative addition to your Blu-ray collection, and plays marvellously alongside its refitted shipmates from 1962 and 1984 , both of which I wish would make put to sea on the format soon.

Simply excellent.

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