Mute Witness


This is a good tense film on next Friday night/Sat morning where a member of a film crew accidentally witnesses a snuff movie being shoot and cannot convince the authorities, yet the killers are after her. Further details at


This one rings bells but I can't place it for sure as to whether or not I've seen it! The cover certainly is familiar so perhaps it's just that. Nice to see Alec Guiness in the cast list so I'll give it a go if I remember!
Odd that it's not out on dvd as yet but then there are plenty of horror/thriller cult type films I'd love to have though not released.

Did you see Looking For Mr Goodbar last night Garrett? That is one cracked film with ott acting in a wild and groovy scene, man! Feminists must hate it for so many reasons, but particularly the shocking end rape scene where Diane Keaton appears to enjoy it just before she is killed. Still, I doubt gay men appreciated the setting for Tom Berenger as the self-loathing homosexual killer. It was also novel to see a young Levar Burton as the hang-about dude.


Missed it again I never seen yet, it I saw the follow up I think its called Looking For The Goodbar Killer.

The Mute Witness is on Sunday morning on Ch4 at 1.35 am.

There is a new program tonight called The Shield on five at 10 I may give it a go.

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