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Why is it that manufacturers don't allow consumers the ability to suppress the mute symbol?

My Sony KV-32DS60U doesn't allow me to suppress the icon. Even though when I e-mailed Sony UK about it when I bought the set almost 2 years ago, Sony were convinced it could be suppressed. However, their procedure didn't work.

I don't want to use my Amp all the time. It's unneccessary. So instead of using mute, I have to set the volume to zero when using the amp and re-set it to a reasonable volume afterwards.

Now, I have to replace the KV-32DS60U and I've been looking at the Sony KD-32DX100, Panasonic TX-32DT30 and the Toshiba 32ZT29B. It seems that none of these allow me to cancel the mute symbol*. It's not difficult. I had a JVC 25" about 10 years ago that allowed me to suppress the on-screen mute symbol. And I believe that some/all Loewe's do.

Am I alone at being irritated by this? I did a search of these forums to see if this was a previously debated topic but I could not find anything significant. Am I alone or is it just apathy/acceptance? Do most people with amps use the amp all the time?

* This is NOT a primary concern. The box needs to do it's job properly first. A dismissable mute icon is a nice-to-have.
Yes I use the amp virtually all the time - that's why I installed it - to improve the TV sound!

It doesn't seem a great hardship to keep the TV sound to zero using the volume control.

On the odd occasions I don't use the amp, I turn up the TV sound that too difficult?

Doesn't affect my busy lifestyle too much...
No you are not alone!

It annoys me too.

I think I've only had one TV that doesn't show the patronising and obtrusive Mute Symbol and that was a 10 year old Panasonic.

No, it isn't too much to trurn the vol right down and up again when required, but it's a darn sight easier and more convenient to toggle it on or off at the single press of a button.
Gets to me too. I prefer to turn the vol all the way down than use the mute (except when it's very brief) because of the potential for phosphor burn.

It's not just TV manufacturers though. My Pace DTVA box leaves the mute symbol on screen permanently as well :mad:
One little point if you look at the Sony NX tvs they have an optical out!
I have the Sony KV-32FX60U. I turned down the sound when I first bought it (and plugged it into my amp) and I have seldom turned it up again. The TV remembers its supposed to quiet and the sound from the external amp/speakers is so much better I always use the amp.

I once spent an hour (we were a bit tiddly) trying to "fix" my friend's amp when his cleaner had pressed the "speakers on/off" button when she was dusting. At least a TV with an on-screen icon shows you why there's no sound.
I do agree that the onscreen mute icon is terrible, but I can also see why they do it.

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