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There's this show in syndication called "Mutant X" which if you ask me, it's like a clone or a rip-off of the film and comic X-MEN. I don't mind the cast, they're pretty cool and hot. I enjoy their hip powers and the adventures they get into every week. I miss the Adam Kane character, but he drops by once in a while to help the team.

What's your say about this show?


It was pretty obvious where they where coming from.
1 It came just after the X-Men in the UK anyway.
2 It was called after an spawned series off the X-Men namely Mutant X staring Cyclops’s brother Alex/Havok.
3 It had ties with Marvel (see end titles).
4 There powers were similar to some of the Marvel characters e.g. one could turn impenetrable, shades of the Vision. Shalimar is feral a bit like Wolverine etc.
5 Even the costumes where similar.
6 Had a mentor who provided them with a home base.

I did not care for the first series as the stories seemed very repetitive, ie the guy in the white wig captures a mutant the team go and rescue mutant, big fight mutant rescued, number 2 gets severely punished.
I did not like the guy in the white wig (Mason Eckhart).
I did not bother with it when it came back on but late on watch one and it had improved immensely and watch till the end of the series when SPOILER
a certain person was not in it (the guy in the white wig). Bad news the last one I saw, which was the end he
turned up.

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