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    The PL408 player is not Multiregion by default. To activate this player as Multiregion please complete following instructions.
    · Turn on your player.
    · Close DVD disk door without a disk inserted.
    · Press the following sequence of keys on your remote
    · Press "SET-UP".
    · Press “Next” & then “Prev”.
    · Again press “Next” & then “Prev”.
    · Version 2 appears on top right hand corner of your TV
    screen (2 being your existing region code)
    · Change version (region) by pressing < button until 255
    appears (correct code for Multiregion).
    · Press "SET-UP" again & scroll down to exit.
    · Press " SET-UP " again.
    · Insert DVD disc and play.

    This worked for my unit bought in the UK. Have tried region 1,2,3 and 4 and discs I have recorded on my Panasonic DVD recorder from TV and satellite.

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