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MUSTEK and Panasonic 520

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by knodell, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. knodell


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    I'm under pressure to get rid of a big old stereo and two very nice full range speakers that have been providing the sound for my projector set up.

    I'm looking at the Panasonic 520 which has had 'best buy' reviews and is available on the internet for £180 or maybe the MUSTEK 720 which is an upgraded , more powerfull version of the 600, which also got 'best buy' reviews. This is available for about £135!!!

    Problem with the Panasonic is that Sub has to be near the player as it has a special connector and drives the other speakers. This means it will be near projector end of the room rather than the screen end. Is this a problem??

    MUSTEK drives all the speakers from the main unit.

    Anyone got experience of either??? - and then again - if as it seems most people seem to think you need to spend £500+++ on this sort of stuff, would I be better just staying with what I've got??!

    Cheers all.... :)

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