MUST have games?


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Loved COD 2's single player. Still one of the best.


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Gears 3 is a must have mate, as is Skyrim. Maybe a FIFA game if you like footy. Portal 2 as well is another massively popular game from this year.


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COD 2? Seriously. I would have agreed with that 6 years ago.

I'm really enjoying Dead Island at the moment, i think it beats Dead Rising as a Zombie Survival.

Fallout 3 is amazing but can overwhelm alot of people with how big it is.

Mass Effect one of the best Ip's on 360.

Driving games my favourite have been Burnout Paradise and Dirt 3.

RPG/Loot based/Hack/Slash you should definatly get Torchlight and Dugeon Defenders both arcade games.


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Call Of Duty 2 :smashin:

On a more serious note (COD 2 is quite good actually)

Depends on what Genre you are into? but there are LOADS of must have games, don't overlook XBLArcade when your searching aswell (free demo's of every game helps).


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Red Dead Redemption


FIFA (pick up 09 for a quid or so and see what you think!)

Burnout Paradise

Forza (3 or 4)

Orange Box

Portal 2

These are what I keep coming back to - pick em up cheap on the Classifieds on here. Not really necessary to have the latest versions unless you get totally hooked and want to play online
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Skyrim is the only game you need.

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