Musical Fidelity X-DACv8 Review


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For anyone wanting to upgrade their CD player or after a one box DVD/CD solution I cant praise this bit of kit highly enough.

After hooking this Dac up to my Yamaha DVDS 1700 DVD player using a chord prodac and QED silver spiral interconnects I wasnt initially very impressed it sounded a bit thin and quite harsh infact not a lot different to the standard CD audio reproduction from my DVD playeralthough more detailed.

AFter leaving the DAC turned on for a couple of hours I returned to it and gave it another listen and it absolutley blew me away ,The soundstage was huge and very very solid the detail levels absolutley amazing with a very analogue feel to the sound. I was about to buy an A5 CDP which I had on demo at a cost of £1500 but the DAC (again on home demo) and DVD player combo were marginally better in my opinion seeming to offer a slightly more balanaced and vivid sound.

The inclusion of both a tubed and solid state ouput is a great feature and very useable with different sorts of and styles of music.

I have tried my my PS3 as a transport and wireless server and also my PC hooked up with this bit of kit and they again both sound absolutley superb.

If your thinking about buying a stand alone high end CD player to add to your av setup or maybe an Arcam DV139 all in one player or FMJ CD player ,I would also seriously think about demoing the MF DAC with your existing DVD player (if it has a reasonable transport) as its more flexible ( allowing you to use 3 digital devices and a USB one) and sounds as good as anything I have personally ever heard below the 2k mark.

An absolutley stunning piece of equipment and worth every penny of the asking price as its saved me over £500 on a similar performing standalone CD like an A5 or Primare etc etc.

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